My Toms Story

My birthday was April 10th. If you didn’t wish me a happy birthday I will pause briefly so you can say it now………thank you! I received a pretty good amount of cash. Originally I had planned to buy a specific purse that I have had my eye on for the last few months. Then I thought through the fact that I needed a few items of clothing in a certain size. But then I thought about how I could wisely use my money to perhaps help someone else in addition to myself. So the logical choice was some Toms. Here are the ones I bought:

Here are the classic pair I bought. They have TONS of colors but I thought this purple was pretty because it can be my splash of color in an outfit.

Then I spotted these adorable wedges. I haven’t worn anything but flat shoes since I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago. Here they are in a couple of other angles.

I wore them to Lauren’s tennis practice earlier. Lauren pretty much hollered for everyone to look at her mom’s new Toms. I even got a few compliments on them from students walking by in the parking lot. And I got a whistle – I’m sure that was for the shoes and not me and my gorgeousness. HA!

Now some of you may have been living under a rock the last few years and don’t get the idea behind Toms. So I shall fill you in.

In 2006 a man named Blake Mycoskie was visiting Argentina and noticed that many children didn’t have shoes. He was moved to create Toms shoes. Each pair of Toms shoes that are purchased provides a pair of shoes for a child who has no shoes. It is a one-for-one deal. So my purchase of two pair of Toms last night insured that someone somewhere in the world will now get a free pair of shoes. Providing a pair of shoes to a child will protect them physically from diseases that are spread in the soil, protect their feet from injuries which could lead to deadly infections and ensure their education since many cannot attend school without wearing shoes.

It feels good to know that I am helping a poor child in another country. You wouldn’t think shoes were all that important until you think about how NOT having any can really affect someone else’s life. It really touches my heart to help in a real way. I’m thankful for Blake Mycoskie for following his heart and providing a means to make a difference in the lives of over a million children (as of September 2010).

They are incredibly comfortable. It’s hard to describe just how good they feel on your feet. They mold to the size of your feet after you’ve worn them a few times. If you’re looking for a good pair of comfy casual shoes and love the idea of providing a pair of shoes to a needy child then Toms are the answer. They aren’t cheap but the price really seems insignificant when you realize just how far your money reaches when you buy a pair. You can make a difference!

Click on any of the links above to check out the website. There are links to their Facebook and Twitter pages. You can browse their shop and read their blog.


2 thoughts on “My Toms Story

  1. I’ve always heard Tom’s were comfortable, and they are definitely cute. I had no idea about the story behind them.

    I’m pretty sure I *need* a pair now. I love both colors and styles you chose!

    PS: I’m pretty sure you got a whistle for your gorgeousness. 🙂

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