Try Try Again

Yesterday I tried posting an entry 3 different times. Each time only the titled showed up. I have no idea what is up with that. Today I’m posting from Lauren’s computer. Yesterday I was using Michael’s because I don’t have a computer of my own – which is a crying shame! Please pray that a bag of money falls from the sky right at my front door step – or the back door step – I’m not picky.

Yesterday I was trying to post about Lauren’s soccer try outs at Lipscomb University on Saturday. They had a Prospect camp for the soccer staff to see the high school girls play soccer to choose for their team. Lauren has wanted this since the first time she stepped on their awesome soccer field in 9th grade.

Today is the day. Coach O’Brien said on Saturday that we would find out yesterday or today. I’m a nervous wreck. I want this so bad for her. This is the one goal that she has had consistently for four years.

Please pray with me that she will make the team. I can’t accept that this seed has been planted and spent four years growing  and just as it’s getting ready to bloom something would kill it. So I am basically begging God at this point. I’m staring at the flower waiting for the very second that it bursts into a beautiful, full and vibrant colored flower. I’m afraid if I blink for one millisecond that I will miss it or that while my eyes are closed someone will pass by and snip it off before it blooms.

I have tried over and over again to give it up to God. Like it is a blanket and we both have ahold of it. He keeps saying to let go because He can take care of it. I guess I’m scared to relinquish the control. As a matter of fact I’m sure that’s what it is.

After I make sure this posts I’m gonna email the coach. At least then I will be sure to still be holding a corner of that blanket.

Please God!!!


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