Has the World Gone Crazy? Part 1

Has the World Gone Crazy? Part 1

By: Mike Stokes


In this world, everything seems to be twisted in knots. For instance: the solution to the debt problem is increased spending; the solution for government waist is more government; in certain political circles balancing the national checkbook is a radical idea; freedom of speech is used as a shield for vulgarity and filth and a club against godliness and virtue. Its a world where truth is trashed and lies are praised. Where the honorable are despised and the depraved are accepted. Where sound morals and strong character are relentlessly mocked, while immorality is praised, paraded and protected.


The Apostle Paul recorded a scathing rebuke that has shown itself to be remarkably prophetic: He describes scholars and academics “Who change the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever” (Romans 1: 25). These are characteristics of this deranged world: Truth changed to lies; material things exalted above the God who made them; plain, clear, scripture understanding scorned and irrational human reasoning worshipped. These traits represent a fundamental hostility to sound reason. Yet they are manifestly present in the supposedly irreproachable, objective realm of science. Consider the evidence in the blacklisting and excommunication of scientist who so much as acknowledge the possibility of the elegant and predictability of the material world suggest intelligent design.


The scientific establishment abruptly closes the door on anything that challenges the ridiculous notion that there are no answers whatsoever beyond matter itself. As a result, the establishment must turn its back on a great many facts and simultaneously embrace some ludicrous fiction. Bewildered by the majesty of life, and the impossible perfection of the earth to support it, scientist have entered the realm of fantasy in order to sustain their belief in a godless universe.


Famous atheist zoologist Richard Dawkins, who delights in ridiculing religious believers and calls faith “A virus of the mind” says he believes, “life may have been deposited on earth by beings from outer space.” So, in this crazy world, superintellegent green men from some great beyond (The origins of which is not elaborated on), is easier to believe in than God.


The Apostle Paul put it this way; “Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools” (v22). In their substituting for the being of God, they actually thought they were wise. The word “Fools” in v22 is a translation of the Greek word [moros]. We get our word moron from this–which means a stupid person.


3 thoughts on “Has the World Gone Crazy? Part 1

  1. Not sure what the you tube video has to do with your post, but I agree entirely. Its so funny when I was taking my college science classes, I was so intrigued by how the world fit together and how mathematical things have to be for us to even exist and seeing the way the world works and how its put together totally brought me closer to God. I feel like something we forget that we are the intricate part of a delicate snowflake that is the earth that God designed and Scientists have just scrapped at the surface or are just so unwilling to look at the big picture and see that there is an intelligent design here. How can one not see it? I just don’t get it.

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