The Problem of Death – Part 2

The Problem of Death: Part 2

By: Mike Stokes


In the first article in this series, we focused on three questions concerning the subject of death: What does God mean by death? What happens with the body, soul and spirit at death? What about cremation? In this article, I want to explore two more questions about the problem of death:


(4) What about the death of small children?

That is, those who live for a short time, or, a few years, but who are not able to discern right and wrong. The term, “Age of accountability” is a relative term, referring to an unknown number. It might help to consider Matthew 19: 13-14, where we discern the attitude of the Lord towards little children, and their part in the Kingdom of God (Heaven). He takes them [The babies] in his arms and blesses them, in doing this, it is inconceivable that all he wanted to do was to inform us that grown people must become childlike to enter the Kingdom of God. The implication is that the kingdom of heaven belongs to children as much as anyone else. In 2 Samuel 12: 15, 23, seems to verify Matthew 19. David’s son died, an act of judgement against parents; David viewed the child as being secure with the Lord at death.


(5) What about Suicide?

Suicide is the second biggest killer of young people. Believers and nonbelievers have taken their own life. There are several examples in the Bible: 1 Samuel 31: 4, 2 Samuel 17: 23, Matthew 27: 3-5. In two of these examples there was direct demonic activity involved. In a weakened state even believers can become so emotionally distressed that they can murder themselves. A question many ask is; do Christians who commit suicide loose their salvation? Many have had their grief unnecessarily compounded by unbiblical ideas that suicide is an unpardonable sin. Suicide is a sin, the murder of self. Adultery and murder of someone else are equally gross sins. We know King David committed both, but he did not loose his salvation. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin, including suicide (1 John 1:7).


Next time, we will explore the questions about: Prayer and baptism for the dead, and deathbed repentance. I hope this will be helpful to those who have questions about–The Problem of Death.


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