Making Fibromyalgia Easier to Live With

Once you’ve learned about Fibromyalgia and helped your family/friends to understand it, then it’s time to find out how to make changes to your life that will make it easier. Some things that I suggest will be common sense and some of them may be things that you might never have thought of. Feel free to leave any suggestions you have when you comment (for the giveaway).

First and foremost you need a doctor you can connect with who really cares about finding a way to help you. It takes a lot of doctors to find the right one. I didn’t really find the right one till about 7 years into my Fibro battle. I had to “kiss” a lot of frogs to get to my prince of a doctor. I found my doctor at a Pain Management office. I’ve been going to Dr. Nwofia for about 9 years or so. Finding a compassionate doctor is not easy but when you do find them hang on tight and work your medical plan TOGETHER! You have to trust them. That means giving up some control. But if they show themselves worthy of your trust that won’t be hard to do.

Medication is a must. Some are helpful and some are not. It’s a long process to get there. What I’ve found is that using certain products available over the counter is crap shoot. You might end up with a perfect score or you might fail miserably and walk away with nothing. On average very few items available OTC help me. But about a year ago I came across a product line called Salonpas. The two items in the line that help me are their pain patches and their massaging foam. I first found them at Walgreens but now we buy them in bulk at Costco. They have large patches that you can cut up and put on different places. The bulk package is small patches. They stick very well. Each patch works for 8 hours. A lot of times Salonpas works when my narcotic pain medicine doesn’t. I use the foam for places that a patch wouldn’t stick – like in my hair line or on my foot/ankle. We all use them around here. They’ve come in handy for the kids for soccer as well.

The last thing I will talk about (even though I could go all day on this topic) is my car. About the time we moved back to Tennessee and I began getting serious about finding some answers I was driving a Toyota Camry. I started noticing that my low back and my knees were hurting badly when I would get in/out of the car. The movement of bending to get in/out was putting pressure on my tender points. We decided to go car shopping. I was on the hunt for the perfect comfortable vehicle. I found it.My Hyundai Santa Fe is the perfect height. I just slide in and slide out. There’s no bending or stretching. A lot of my pain issues have been solved by getting a car that sits up off the ground more and is level with my backside. It takes a lot of pressure off my low back, knees and ankles.

Another product that we bought a few years ago that has made an incredible difference is a Cuddle Ewe underquilt. Oh my word!! It’s like sleeping on a cloud. That morning stiffness you have that takes at least an hour to shake off – GONE! Sleeping is much more pleasant. It is incredibly comfortable. They aren’t cheap but worth ever red cent you have to scrimp together to buy it. I wish we had discovered it much earlier.

My next goal to solve some of my real issues is to buy a house with no stairs. When we bought/built this house 6 years ago the stairs weren’t really an issue. But in those few years they truly have become a problem for me. I can see in the future that they will only be more problematic.

I’ve also discovered that using a laptop instead of a desktop computer is easier on me. I’ve noticed in the last couple of years that sitting at a desk is very hard on my back. With a laptop I am able to sit comfortable to work.

Now I’m ready to hear some of your ideas. Don’t forget that leaving a comment enters you in the drawing for a free purple Fight Like A Girl tee shirt on Saturday. Pass it on – this is information everyone could benefit from.


7 thoughts on “Making Fibromyalgia Easier to Live With

  1. Another great read today, Pam. I too, have begun trying to find ways that make living with fibromyalgia much easier for me. We haven’t owned a vehicle in a very long time given the fact that we haven’t been financially stable. I never knew what a Godsend it would be to have a vehicle that would be easy to get in and out of. Though I don’t drive right now, I prefer my cousin’s Ford Expedition. It’s just right for me to get in and out of. I am also inquiring about getting a Handicap Placecard to use on the days when walking is very difficult and my family might need to park close. I have a wheelchair that has been as been a faithful friend on the days when I absolutely must get things done but lack the leg strength to do so. I have found that the gentleness of yoga stretching does amazing wonders for me. And I love getting in touch with my British roots at night and drink a hot cup of tea. Very relaxing and helps me relax.

    • I have had “get a handicap placard” on my to-do list for years but just haven’t given in to it yet. I would only use it on rough days. But it’s a mental speedbump I haven’t been able to get over yet. Yes, yoga is awesome! I love it. I just don’t do it as much as I’d like – which is really strange because it makes me feel so much better. Thank you for leaving us some tips!!

  2. Ok, don’t laugh. It is not like a cloud but one day I was hurting so bad I said I needed a heating pad for my entire body. Larry and Jacob went to Walmart and came back with a heating blanket which I sleep on top of and turn on High when my pain(back, hip and shoulder) is really bad. It really helps ease it. Also, I have use a product called Stop Pain (it is a roll on) on my hips and shoulders and it works well too. We have also used the Salonpas too and they do work great! Larry said they were one of the things that got him through his back injury. Great ideas!

  3. I have an electric blanket also and it does help a lot. The other thing that I use frequently are the microwaveable heat wraps that I purchased at Opry Mills from Relax Wraps. I have one for my shoulders/neck and one that wraps around my waist like a belt and really helps with my low back pain. If you’re not local these can be purchased at Well worth the money.

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