And the Winner is…..

I want to thank all of you for reading my blog this week as I’ve written about Fibromyalgia. It’s been a week full of helpful information. I’ve shared some and each of you have shared some. We have worked together as a team of advocates for each other. I hope that each of you wore your purple today. My kids’ graduation party was today and my daughter told everyone to wear purple to honor and support me and ultimately each of you today. I was very touched by it. And each person wore something purple. Here is the purple bunch:

Some didn’t have a purple shirt so they did something else with purple. Lauren’s soccer coach came and she wore a necklace with purple beads. My son’s girlfriend didn’t have anything purple so she painted her nails purple. I was honored!

Ok – all week long each of you have been commenting as entries for today’s giveaway for the free Fight Like A Girl Club purple tee shirt.

I did the drawing the old fashion way. I couldn’t each entry, wrote each name that number of times, cut the pieces up and folded them. Then I put them in a bowl and drew one. I know there are easier ways to do giveaways now but I just haven’t had time to sit down and figure it out this week. So I took a picture of each step and I’m hoping you will trust that I am an honest person. Here’s the process:

Joy, please feel free to email me your size and snail mail address and I will order your shirt for you as soon as I receive your information. My email address is

Congratulations! And thank all of you for stopping by this week.


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