So Much Pride

I can’t believe that I am now writing you as a mother of two college students. I still don’t know how that happened. I hung on to denial until the second I saw the graduates start walking into the arena Saturday afternoon.

That was the moment when the first tear fell and my denial went floating into space like a helium balloon. As I sat there and looked down on all the graduates of East Literature Magnet School’s class of 2012 I felt so much pride.

I was so happy for them. There are a lot of great kids sitting in that group. I found myself thinking how much I was gonna miss my kids’ friends and even some of the teachers. I knew they were all sitting there wearing those red cap and gowns and sitting tall with pride. They all worked hard making sure all of their high school requirements were met so that they could sit there on the edge of the rest of their lives.

When the 4th row stood up I knew what was coming.

See the smile on Lauren’s face. I was so proud of her. I think they were both proud of themselves and each other. My heart was so full I couldn’t possibly had any more space for love and pride. It was full and running over. I kept thinking back over the years of school. When it was their turn to walk across the stage I wanted to pause time so they could move in slow motion.

And there she is! Look at the smile on Michael’s face. I choose to believe that smile is happiness in watching his sister receive the reward.

And there goes my baby boy. I hope that they always remember that feeling they felt when they received the reward for their hard work.

We had some friends sitting on the front row so they took some pictures for us. Our digital camera had pretty good zoom but they pictures were all so fuzzy because of the distance.

Lauren took this one herself after getting back on the floor. She sent it to us from her cell phone. Don’t you love the smiles on their faces? Interestingly enough the matched the smiles on our faces up in the stands. Smiles of pride and joy!




2 thoughts on “So Much Pride

  1. I can’t believe your kiddos are old enough to graduate~ how grown up they both look!
    Congratulations to them, & to you & Hubby for seeing them through!

  2. i am so proud of lauren and michael, my grandkids, so thankful i was able to be there, to share this precious time with them. God bless them both. love mamaw

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