There Are Now 14 Less Pounds Of Me To Love

I thought I would drop in with a weight loss update. There are plenty other things to update on in our family. But most people have been asking about my weight loss. I’ll give a quick review about the fam at the end.

I’m still plugging along on the weight loss path. It’s been a fairly simple transition actually. I think that’s just because I was ready. And I have a good motivator. We have a church convention that we attend every summer. It’s a denominational convention. So, Free Will Baptists from all over the country come together for a week. Since Ron and I were both raised FWB and attended our FWB Bible College we have a lot of friends scattered all across the country. Plus Ron is one of our FWB national directors. So I always like to try to look my best – not because I want to be something I’m not – but it’s just a date on the calendar that sets a goal for me.

The last time I wrote an update I had lost 7 pounds. I have no doubled that. I should have taken my measurements but I never think of doing that. But I have lost 14 pounds. I’ve also been using a website/iPhone app to keep up with my walking each day. I walk over a mile a day. So far in the month of June I have walked 20.28 miles in 5.57 hours and burned a total of 1,570 calories. I try to walk at least 5 days a week. I am still following the same Advocare/Eating plan I wrote about here a couple of weeks ago. So, plugging right along. My plan is to add in some stomach crunches and more stretches this week to start toning up.

Now for a family update: Lauren has changed her college choice from Lipscomb to Lee University in Cleveland TN. This decision was necessary because we just couldn’t get the money to work out at Lipscomb. She and I went last week for a college visit at Lee and she fell in love with it as did I. I’m very excited for her. Michael is still heading to Tennessee Tech University as planned. He had a pre-registration type of program last week that he and Ron attended. So he is all registered and ready to go.

Michael is actually on a missions trip with the youth group in Ecuador this week. They’ve been working on some building projects for the missionaries, installing something or other (official term) for fresh water and directing VBS for the village children. He gets home next Monday. Then the next day he has to be at FWBBC for his 4th year of Truth & Peace. Poor kid is gonna be exhausted.

My dad’s cancer has returned. However his oncologist says it is treatable with chemotherapy and radiation. He will begin chemotherapy tomorrow – once a week for 3 1/2 months. Please pray for his healing along with us.

Well, I think that about covers it. We are hopping around here. Lots of changes ahead – all positive changes we are praying!


One thought on “There Are Now 14 Less Pounds Of Me To Love

  1. I appreciate this update, even if it is a little dated.

    Congrats on your weight loss. You must feel remarkably different. Shopping is more fun, too, when you’ve lost weight.

    I completed understand the college switch. I’m sure she’ll be happy at her new school, too.

    Sorry to hear that your dad had to go through treatment again. By now, it must be over. I hope he’s felling better (or is this when he feels worse, after treatment)?

    Anyway, thanks for saying hi on Twitter 🙂

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