A New Season of Life Leads to a New Journey


Welcome to the new release of my blog. I had in mind not to release it until September 1. But I’m just sitting here doing nothing so I thought why not just go ahead with a soft release. It will continue to evolve over the weeks and months to come as I discover what else I want to do with it anyway. Maybe you can give me some ideas. We can work together. I’ll tell you what I have in mind for changing it around here and I would love your feedback. My new header picture above is the picture of an empty nest – signifying that this is what our life is like now.

If you have read any of my blog in the last 18 months then you probably will remember that our children, Michael & Lauren both graduated from high school in May. Now having the kids 15 months apart wasn’t OUR idea 17 1/2 years ago – it was God’s! And there were hard days having two babies at the same time. But 90% of the time it was really great and I loved it actually – until NOW. I know it’s been annoying to my kids during their time in high school because they’ve been asked 869 times if they are twins which has then led them to have to explain why they are NOT twins but are in the same grade. But I’ll tell you what losing them both to college at the same time, which means an INSTANT empty nest all at once, doesn’t seem like such a great idea after all. What was a great idea 17 1/2 years ago now seems like a cruel joke. Thanks God! I will say this though, the senior year with graduation and preparing for and starting college has been highly stressful and I don’t think I would have wanted to do it two years in a row. So, in that respect I’m glad to do it all at once. Here are a few pictures of them at graduation – just to prove that they actually did it.

Pre Cap and Gown

With Mamaw and Papaw (my parents)

With Grandma and Grandpa (Ron’s Mom and Stepdad)

With Nanny and Granddaddy (Ron’s Dad and Stepmom)

Now we have taken Lauren to Lee University and will be taking Michael to Tennessee Tech University in a couple of days. Then the nest will officially be empty.

That brings me to what I’m planning for the blog. I’m not sure how to be anything but a Soccer Mom. But I plan to learn my way along here with you. I have in mind to explore some hobbies I’ve been wanting to try. I’ve been wanting to learn to quilt. I have a quilt that my great-grandmother made me when I was little and one that my grandmother made that I got when she passed away. I would love to make each the kids one to give them on their wedding days. There are no wedding days anywhere in sight, so I figure I have enough time to learn how to do it and get two of them made. So, I hope to write about new things and new hobbies that I try here.

My husband travels quite often for his job and I intend to start traveling more with him. So I hope to write about our travels. One trip we are planning is a trip to Cambridge England next summer. We will do quite a bit of traveling in the area over there. So, I hope to write about our explorations. I hope to get some travel tips from you all as well.

I will continue leading Women’s Bible Studies in our church’s Women’s Ministry. So, I intend to do considerably more writing about spiritual matters and lessons I pick up along the way in that area. I will still feature the Sunday Message from my Dad. He is currently battling cancer and I love reading the insights he has to share. He is a minister and is unable to preach right now. So, this is an outlet for him to share what the Lord is saying to him. He is an amazing man of God.
I am hoping at some point to get involved in volunteer work again like I did before the kids came along and when they were babies. I’m not sure exactly what areas I want to get into yet. I may try some new areas that I’ve never been involved in before to expand my interests.

Finally I would love to develop my black thumb into a green thumb. I would love to work on my front flower bed each season. I know very basic things about plants because I’ve been so bad about growing them. But I feel like now I will able to spend the time to learn more and put the knowledge to use. My grandmother had such a gift at growing gorgeous flowers and plants. I would love to be like that so I can have fresh flowers on the table each day.

So, there is my new direction for The Journey Leads Home. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. What have you done with your empty nest? I would also love for you to share a link with other empty nest blogs. They seem to be few and far between. But I would love network with them and feature them in my blog link section. You will notice my sidebar is pretty blank. I’m starting from scratch pretty much. Please help me!






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