Time to Pack Your Bags

I finally have a computer so I can blog! The thing about my kids going to college is that they took their computers with them. Then when Ron is out of town – like he has been the last 3 days – I have no computer. My desktop computer bit the dust a year ago. So I’ve been mooching computer time off of everyone else’s laptops. I’m hoping Santa will bring me a laptop for Christmas. But I’m not holding my breath.

Somehow I have survived taking both of my children to two different colleges a week apart. I’m still not sure quite how I feel about it. I have shed my share of tears and I think I’m doing ok. But I suspect somewhere inside of me is an avalanche just waiting for a rumble to start. I don’t think I should be doing this well. I almost feel guilty. The first week after taking Lauren to Lee University I was distracted by getting Michael ready for Tennessee Tech. She wasn’t quite as ready emotionally as he was. So, I had a harder time leaving her. But she is doing much better now. Michael has been very ready to get started with this part of his life. So, I have been excited for him. I don’t know if what I’m feeling is normal or not. I’m halfway expecting to wake up one day and hit a wall. But then I’m kind of excited about the future plans that Ron and I are making. Then I feel guilty about that. This is all new for me. Can someone just tell me what I’m supposed to feel so I can feel that way?

This is Lauren in front of her dorm, Nora Chambers, at Lee University. She is on the 3rd floor. Ron and Michael got the car unloaded and she and I unpacked and were done in no time. It sure looked like a lot of stuff while it was in the car. But somehow it all fit in her room. I would post a picture of her room but it’s not really situated yet. Right now their beds are bunked. This weekend, while she is up here, the beds are getting lofted. So, they will each be able to move their dresser and desk under their beds. That will be the finished product. I’ll have her send me pictures. Then I will post them. But she and her roommate are getting along well. I was heartbroken when we left her. But before we ever had time to get back to Nashville she had connected with her “next door neighbor” who she has a LOT in common with. They are still stuck together like glue. So, she is doing GREAT and loves college life.

This is Michael in front of his dorm, Maddux Hall, at TN Tech. He is also on the 3rd floor. His roommate is from our church. So, they are doing great together. They are both quiet and keep to themselves. His roommate’s girlfriend is also a freshman at tech and is from our church. Michael’s best friend is also at Tech but he is in the Marching Band and he hardly sees him because when Chris isn’t in class he is in band practicing. I’ve asked Michael if he has met any new people or gone to any of the social activities set up for the freshmen. He says no. He pretty much took his social life with him and his girlfriend is still back here (she is a senior this year). I’m ok with that. He’s not the state college social type anyway.

Ron and I are planning our first trip of our empty nest life for two weeks from this weekend. We are going to Tallahassee for our first ever Florida State Seminole football game. YAY!!!! Who knew we’d have to move away and be gone from there for 15 years before we would actually ever go for a game. I cannot wait!!! Oh my word! I’ve made lots of FSU fan friends on Twitter. So we are planning to tailgate and enjoy the game together. I feel like a kid waiting to go to Disneyworld! Crazy Excited!!

There are so many other exciting things on the horizon for the empty Hunter nest! I am really excited about the future. So many changes. Hopefully they don’t overwhelm me to the point that I just shut down – which is my normal reaction to being overwhelmed. One day at a time! One trip at a time! WOOO HOOO!!!!


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