Say Goodbye to Insecurity

As you are reading this I am beginning a new Bible Study at my church, The Donelson Fellowship. It’s based on Beth Moore’s book So Long, Insecurity. The book came out in 2010. I actually preordered it before it was printed. Does that give you any idea where I stand with insecurity in my life? About a year later Lifeway released a Bible Study workbook to accompany the book. And that is the study I am now leading on Thursday mornings at our church.

All of us have some area of our life that we are insecure about. We may keep it well hidden or it may be laying open for all to see. Some of us don’t have to say a word because you can see insecurity written all over our face. Others of us hide our insecurities behind a big personality that fools others into believing we are full of confidence and self assurance.

The world spends a lot of money and a lot of time telling women how they should look, what they should say and what they are doing wrong. It tells us what our hair should look like, what color our complexion should be, what size our waist should be, what the number on the tag in our dress should say, how much money should be in our bank account for us to be worth anything, how many children to have, what age we should get married, what brand purse to carry, what color hair to have, where we should send our children to school and what size house we need to live in by the time we are 30. Those are just a few expectations you might get in one day. There are thousands more that I am not listing. It sounds really sad when you read it, doesn’t it? Have you ever wondered why we fall for that?

In the grand scheme of things none of that matters. Jeremiah 17:7 says “But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.” That one little sentence sure makes that whole previous paragraph sound silly, doesn’t it? This study is about how to change the focus from that paragraph above to the sentence of Jeremiah 17:7. It’s all about searching for security in the hope and confidence that comes from God instead of the false security the world tries to sell us.

I plan to share bits and pieces of what I learn each week here. I hope that you will come by as we learn together how to say So Long, Insecurity!


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