Fall Back Into Blogging

This week I will be participating in a blog challenge hosted by The Sits Girls website. As you’ve noticed things have been a little sporadic around here through the summer. It’s been that way for a couple of reasons. Yes we’ve been very busy, like everyone else in blogland, and done a lot of traveling. Keeping up with the blog has slid on down the list of priorities. But as I mentioned about a month ago I have also decided to change the purpose and focus of The Journey Leads Home since we have moved into the Empty Nest phase of life. So I’m still trying to feel my way through that. As any new phase of life take some getting used to, so it is with changing the focus of a blog.

At any rate, the purpose of this blog challenge is to help get the participating bloggers back into the swing of regular blogging. So each day of the upcoming week there is an assigned blogging prompt. Since we are going to be in Dallas all week I am going to write a little ahead and schedule them to post on the correct days. This is also going to help with my writing skills. Another thing I’ve discovered in taking such a long break from blogging that my writing skills have suffered as well. Ideas used to fill my mind all the time. I used to need a notebook on hand to write down ideas that would pop up because my mind was just always in writing mode. But now all I get is this ……………………………………………………………………….. If you don’t use it you DO lose it! So I am really looking forward to participating in challenges like this to exercise my mind again. I want to get back to needing a notebook for all the ideas my mind comes up with. So if you’ve noticed my writing isn’t quite what it used to be please bear with me. I’m working on it. It’s kind of like when you haven’t exercised for a long time and you’ve noticed your muscles really aren’t muscles anymore. They’re more fat now. Yeah – my brain is less muscle and more mush right now.

The prompts for the week look fun though. If you have a blog and want to participate in the challenge just follow this link to The Sits Girls site. The prompts are mostly about Fall since it’s the beginning of Fall. And who doesn’t love the change of the seasons? The cooler weather, bonfires, cozy sweaters, beautiful trees….it’s all just what we need after the 90 degree days of summer. Fall is really my favorite season and I am very much looking forward to writing and sharing about my love for it here with all of you this week. If you stop by from the challenge I hope you will leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can come to visit you as well. That’s one thing I’ve truly missed about blogging – the community of bloggers. It’s like a sisterhood.  I’ve missed my blogging sisters. I’m ready to snuggle up by a cozy fire with my fuzzy socks on and come by your blog for a visit.

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