Four Magic Words

No. Evidence. Of. Cancer.  Four magic words that my dad read on his PET Scan test results this past week when he met with his Oncologist. In the last four years he has had a very long battle that I have documented here on my blog in a series titled My Dad, My Hero.

My Dad, My Hero

My Dad, My Hero Part 2

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My Dad, My Hero Part 4

My Dad, My Hero – A New Beginning Again

This past June the first four words were NOT the words he heard from his doctor. Some new spots had begun to appear around dad’s stoma. After some testing it was determined that after about a year and a half that his cancer had returned. The first time his treatment was daily radiation which was very hard on his body. However this time his treatment plan would include chemotherapy. Anytime the word cancer is used in regards to someone you love is scary enough but when you also include the word chemotherapy fear is the natural reaction. I did not like the sounds of that. I did not want to think about chemo making my daddy, my hero, so deathly ill. I was mad enough at the cancer. My emotions were raw. The thought of him having to battle being sick from something that is supposed to cure him could not compute in my brain. It just made no sense and was totally unacceptable to me.

It was decided that he would have one chemo treatment a week for as long as it took to get the job done. We all watched for the typical signs – nausea, vomiting, weight loss, fatigue, hair loss. He had a few bouts of nausea and some minor weight loss. But that is it! Whatever kind of chemo his Oncologist gave him it was good stuff because it got the job done and he hardly even knew he was on it. I went up there for about a week. One treatment I went to I noticed that he had 4 bags. Three of those bags were various anti-nausea medications and one bag was chemo drugs. His doctor took very good care of him!

Ten days ago he had a PET Scan done. I asked everyone to pray that it would be clear. We all spent the entire week praying to that end. On Wednesday of this past week Dad called me himself and said it was clear. The doctor handed him the report and told him to read number 1. It had those magic four words I started this entry with – No Evidence of Cancer. And just like that it was over.

I have no idea what the future holds but I know who holds the future! Since 2010 my dad has had cancer TWICE and has beaten it TWICE! God has healed him TWICE! God is still on the throne and is still in the healing business! He still answers prayer! And for that I am eternally grateful. Without that promise I don’t even want to think about where we would be.


One thought on “Four Magic Words

  1. yes we are very thankful for the healing of our almighty God. cancer is a bad things, you live one day at a time, as the song says, every morning when i would wake up ,thanking God for another day, i put my fingers on my throat, close my eyes and ask Lord to heal mike of this cancer and take away the swelling, so we can get the prothesis changed, and, and then asking him to do that for mike, i in turn thanked him for what he was going to do for him, then 2 days before we got the PET Scan results, i like always put my fingers to my throat to pray that every morning prayer, to heal him, the words wasn’t there like all the other times, and it was because he was healed . as i read on the report the dr. told me to read from line 1, GOD IS SO GOOD. mike is doing great ! Prayers work people, mike is a perfect example of them.
    mike’s wife, pam ‘s mom Judi

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