Capturing The Animal in My Life

This week’s theme for You Capture over at I Should Be Folding Laundry is an easy one for me. I can hardly wait to get it posted and linked up. The theme is “An Animal”. There have been a lot of animals in my life. But in 2002 Lauren fell in love with one of Ron’s aunt’s dogs. She said if this dog ever had puppies Lauren could have one. In October 2002 that happened. She contacted us and told us about the puppies. Without seeing any of the puppies I chose a female and told her we would name her Faith. We agreed that when we went to Florida for Christmas we would pick her up. This is the precious baby we picked up that day in December.

Is that not the cutest little thing you have ever seen? She was just a little fur ball with ears! She was a big hit from first sight. She stole all of our hearts right away – even Ron’s who had no idea we were even getting a dog until Lauren and I walked in his dad’s house carrying her after picking her up. Bless his heart! He never knows when we are going to get a pet until them are already here. He’s happy though. She’s his little angel. They are both in love with each other. Actually she’s stolen everyone’s heart around here.

Christmas 2002

Michael and Faith 2003


10 years old and just as adorable – 2012

I’m off to link up at Beth’s blog. I’m looking forward to checking out the linked blogs this week since it’s animal week. I love me some animal pictures. Thanks for stopping by to see Faith’s pictures. She’s a doll!

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