Biblical Values and the Election

Biblical Values and the Election
By: Mike Stokes

​Well, the American people have chosen to reject Biblical values. This goes deeper than the election of certain people to office, it was a barometer of the soul of America, and America is in critical condition. America has made the wrong choices.

​For those of us who seek to live according to the Word of God by the power of the Holy Spirit, these election results should cause us to fear and fervently pray and grieve for our nation. Morally our country is spiraling downward, my heart is heavy with this burden.

​Colorado has legalized recreational use of marijuana, while Massachusetts, Maryland, and Washington have legalized it for medical usage. Voters in Washington, Maine, Maryland and Minnesota endorsed same sex marriage. President Obama is the first president in our history to publicly support same sex marriage. During his first term in office he instructed the Department of Justice not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, and he also repealed the military Don’t ask, Don’t Tell policy. It has been made clear that in every instance where Biblical values were up for a vote, the American people have chosen to reject them.This is an election where America has tossed out the window all Biblical values.

​We are entering a period of darkness, and as the darkness grows the light that only the people of God knows will shine brighter. This dim light of optimism will soon fade as we face things most of us have never experienced before. We are seeing now the political correctness, tolerance, celebrated and promoting diversity, will soon move into a radical agenda that attempts to silence those who speak out against sin and the evil that dwells in the heart of man. Those who refuse to be silent will be branded as religious extremist and relegated to the fringes of society. Two of our most sacred rights, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Speech, will be chipped away at until we will no longer recognize the country we were born in. We are as Judge Bork said, “Slouching Toward Gomorra.”


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