Grab a Cup of Coffee

Does anyone besides me prefer to do your clothes shopping AFTER Christmas? All I ever want for Christmas (for the most part) are new clothes. But for the best prices I’d prefer to pick them out myself at the excellent deals you find at the after Christmas sales at the stores. And I’m no particularly picky about shopping in the current season either. I don’t mind shopping for tank tops in December or sweaters in July. I’m not that picky actually. I keep everything hanging in my closet year round and wear whatever whenever.

I also always ask for a new designer purse for Christmas. It’s a perfect time to ask for one. We have a lot of designer outlets in the mall closest to our house. This year I got a new Michael Kors purse. The purse’s regular purse was $329 but the sale price was $199. $200 is about the limit for me. Some of the purses I would like to have are very high. Even the outlet prices are too high for me. But that’s ok. One bag a year is good for me. I have quite a few that are my favorites now though. But I love spending the whole year carrying my one new purse around. And I love spending the year thinking about what purse I’m gonna ask for the next Christmas. It’s the best way to get a new designer purse.

This year there was a wedding in our circle this year. My best friend got divorced earlier this year and found the man of her dreams sitting across the desk from her all this time at her boss’s desk. They had an amazing wedding this past Sunday. It was so beautiful. The family is now a blended family and they all get along so well. Ron and I sat with his family at the reception table. They are amazing people. He has a sister with two children. And his dad has passed away so his mom was alone. So he has a small family, like I do, and we got along so well. I am so happy for her. You know that feeling you get when someone you love is happier than you have ever seen them? Yes, that’s how happy she is. So that means that’s how happy I am for her. If anyone notices her you will see her happy and smiling. I couldn’t help all day Sunday telling Ron how happy she was. She smiled and was so happy the entire day. That made me the happiest I have ever been for her. Seeing her happy has made me the happiest I have ever been for her. And honestly anyone else in the world that has anything to say about her happiness and her joy will very quickly find themselves on my bad side.

God has made a glorious day. Thankfully there is no snow falling today. We are waiting around for my mom to be ready for us to go out shopping. We are all ready. I hope you are enjoying your beautiful day as well. If you like snow I hope you are able to enjoy the white stuff!


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