The Athletic Trainer and The Mechanical Engineer

20111109-181527.jpgOur children have just finished their first semesters of their freshmen year in college. They have gone really well. Each one are at different schools and are studying different programs. Lauren is attending Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee. Lee is a Church of God University. She began in August studying Psychology. She set her first semester up quite nicely with easy classes and ended up with straight A’s and a 4.0. I’m very proud of her. But even she will tell you that she had super easy classes and knows that the real work will begin this coming week when her tougher classes begin. But that first semester looks pretty HOT right now!!! HAHA At any rate the classes that she had to take were classes that had to be taken so she took them now. She is considering changing her Major to Athletic Trainer with a Minor in Psychology. Ron and I believe that is much more up her alley and would much more fit her personality since she is very athletic. There will always be a need for an Athletic Trainer – especially one with psychology training on the side. That’s also something you can set up on the side as a personal business as well. She’s spent this last week in Pennsylvania with her best friend (from college). She’s having a great time. They are heading back here on Sunday night for the night. Monday they head back to school. And then we start all over. I’m exciting for her all over again.


319190_246389642083980_166257380097207_685623_1316818805_nMichael has come home from his first semester at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville Tennessee. TTU is a state college. She began studying Mechanical Engineering. He had a very tough semester. He went in knowing it was going to be hard and with lots of dread. To begin with he had to take 2 calculus classes and a chemistry classes plus whatever other classes he had to take this semester. Needless to say he didn’t not come out with a 4.0. The problem is that he doesn’t talk to us about his classes. But he does constantly studied when he is home. If he’s not out with Hannah or doing laundry he is sitting at the table doing homework. He ended up failing one of his calculus classes. We expressed to him how important it was that he talked to us because we could have had him drop that class before the drop rate to keep him from failing it. We assured him this is not like high school – in college you can drop a class you are failing to keep an F off of your final record. At any rate he’s got it all now. He is keeping all of this straight up now. He said he didn’t want to tell us because Ron is working so hard and he didn’t want to let him down. He said he would like to consider changing his major because the math is too hard. But we assured him that once he gets through the math it will be smooth sailing. He loves Engineering. He really even wants to go to NASA to be an Engineer. So we have a huge battle getting through this with him. But we will do it. We need an engineer engineering something mechanical in the world somewhere – whatever in the world that means!


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