What’s In There Anyway?

One day last week I found a blog post somewhere that I wanted to do here. I took my pictures. I loaded the pictures here. I was just waiting for the right day to sit down and put it together. However, I forgot to mark the blog to tag. Finding one particular blog on that millions and millions and millions of blogs online is quite nearly impossible. So I’ll be posting mine today UNtagged to anyone else’s blog. Sorry strange lady on the strange blog somewhere in cyberland. I liked the idea. So, thanks for the idea. For your reading pleasure – don’t pretend you aren’t gonna love this – here is my purse in all it’s loveliness!


There is my Michael Kors purse from Christmas 2012. Thank you, Ron. And of course the open pantry. So lovely! Smack! I’ve discussed my love for a new designer bag each Christmas already. So I won’t go through that again. But at any rate, this bag is from this year’s Christmas.



This is the inside. As you can tell, it’s a big bag (which I love) but I keep every thing in Vera Bradley bags. So everything is organized and easy to find.



The green Vera Bradley bag holds my lip sticks and powder. Who knew I need so much lip stick?



This is my wallet. Well, till last night it was my wallet. I stopped at Vera Bradley last night and bought a new one. But I didn’t want to take a new picture. On the top of this one is a zipper pouch for the money. It was pretty simple to grab it and take off with my phone and keys.



This was my wallet originally. It was also easiest to grab and run. It now holds notecards, store cards, discount cards – that kind of thing. It holds all those things you don’t want to clutter up your wallet with.



This is my Vera Bradley bag that holds all that stuff that gets lost on the bottom of your purse that you might need once in a lifetime. This is medicine, hand cleaner, nail file, advil, eye drops…this is where I go look if someone says “does someone have a band aid?”



And these things fit in the little pockets inside pockets on the inside! And those are the products on the inside of my purse! See – wasn’t that fun? If only I could remember who that woman was so I could tag her and thank her for the tons of fun we all just had exploring the inside of my purse!


5 thoughts on “What’s In There Anyway?

  1. Thanks for the tour! Personally, I enjoyed it. I’d love to see a photo of your new wallet. I’m trying to find one and I like the one you had been using, but would want something a smidge bigger. I also have a VB pouch for my gift cards and such… so handy!

  2. You know, Pam, as a guy, I’ve never DARED enter the land of a woman’s purse! You have enlightened me on just what is in those things after all! Thanks for the tour, friend! 😉

    • You are welcome to look in my purse any time. As you can see, everything I own is in little Vera Bradley bags. You’ll never see anything anyway. 🙂

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