Cancer Strikes Again

I have been very quiet lately for a number of reasons. If you follow me on FB or on Twitter you probably have figure out the biggest change in our lives right now. It has nothing to do with either one of the children at college. It has nothing to do with Bible Study. It has nothing to do with either one of the kids cars. It has nothing to do with my fibromyalgia. It has nothing to do with my headaches. While all of those things are playing a BIG role in my life none of them come anywhere close to what is happening in my childhood home in New Carlisle Ohio right now.

My dad’s laryngeal cancer has returned for the third time. Thankfully it seems that the doctors always seem to catch the cancer early enough to be able to stay on top of it. For that I am grateful. He had a PET scan last week. Chemo will begin tomorrow. At this point things appear to be preceding like the last round – chemo once a week.

He has had a considerable amount of swelling in his throat for a number of weeks. He has also had some growths pop up around the area of his stoma (the location of his trach). I’m actually looking forward to the time when they chemo shrinks that area so that he will be able to eat normally again. He’s been having to eat via a feeding tube he had put in at the end of his last round of chemo before. We are all looking forward to that.

I’m not sure how he does this over and over again. I would be beyond depressed. And I can see the disappointment on him. But he understands that this is just something that has to be done and he goes and does them. So much has been taken from him. But somehow he keeps going.

I will be spending a lot of time up there over the months ahead. I’m not sure what that means at this point. In 2010 we had a very rocky year. I pray every day we don’t repeat that year. That year brought too many close calls. I hope to keep close by so I can help mom and help keep an eye on dad at the same time. We don’t want anymore emergency room visits or hospital stays. We want this to go smoothly. It may be the third cancer run but we want it to be smooth and successful. We got this, Daddy!!


8 thoughts on “Cancer Strikes Again

  1. One step at a time, even if it is a repeat step, that is all you have to do. Sometimes all God needs you to do is breath and let Him take care of rest. We love you!!!!

  2. So sorry, and so-o-o-o glad you have the Lord to help you through yet another problem. Keep your hand in HIS BIG hand…..Brenda Peak

    • We are walking with our Hand in Hand with His. That’s the only way we could do any of this. Thank you for the continued prayers. Without prayers I don’t know where we would be.

    • I’m not sure how many weeks of chemo they have said. Seems like they have said 3 months. But I’m not sure if that was this time or another time. I am going up in month after the kids are done with spring breaks – Lauren’s is the first week of March. Michael’s is the second week of March. I will go up the next week for as long as I need to.

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