Pajama Bottoms, Sweat Pants and Size 7 Shoes

Well I have had great results with my weight loss results. It’s been amazing actually. I’ve never actually lost this much weight. I’m seeing a lot of things changing before. If you have never read my blog to know how I’ve been working on my weight loss challenge I have been using the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and our Trim Line products. You can follow the link provided there if you are interested in the process. But the entire process began last June 3, 2012 with 232 pounds. This morning I stepped on the scales at my doctor’s office and I weighed 192 pounds. That is amazing! But the best part is THAT’S NOT WHERE I’M STOPPING!! I set small goals for myself. I find small goals easier for me to reach. So my current goal is to get to 180. Now that the weather is warming up I can start walking again that will make my day.

We have a new Goodwill in my part of town. A challenge I never thought about in losing weight was that my feet were going to shrink. I currently have an entire closet full of size 8W shoes. All of them are too big at this point. So I primarily went there to purchase shoes – which I was highly successful at doing. I found some fabulous items. Then I decided to look through the sale racks lined through the middle of the store and I racked up there too. I really don’t think it’s possible for me to go into a store and not come out with something to make me happy.

Interestingly enough most of what I found were items for the kids – all of which were on the sale rack. There was a rack full of pajama bottom and sweat pants. Lauren’s roommate wears sweats all the time. So, I bought all of us a couple pair of PJ bottoms and/or sweats for .99/each. Let’s just say it was my day for Goodwill!

I tried to post pictures of a couple of the items I bought here but for some reason I couldn’t get them to post so I took that to mean it’s no big deal and you will just take my word for it all! That’s pretty much it, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Did I mention I’ve lost 40 pounds? Let’s end with that one!




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