Crazy Love

This afternoon we got back from our quick spring break weekend get away. Because for once our kids are in two different schools their breaks are at different times. This past week was Lauren’s spring break. Michael’s spring break is this coming weekend. So we took this past weekend to go to an indoor waterpark we have never been to before. It is Great Wolf Lodge next door to Kings Island in Mason Ohio. Even though I grew up in Ohio and went to Kings Island a lot. We just spent the weekend and we had such a great time. We laughed and played and ran around. We just had such an amazing weekend like we didn’t have a care in the world.




I wish I had taken more pictures actually. But mostly I just enjoyed my family. But I have a few pictures to share.The kids just had a wonderful time together. There weren’t any arguments. That was wonderful. Seems being in college away from each other has really mellowed them out to the point that they actually like each other now. I knew it would eventually but it was a long time coming.




Saturday we went to the indoor watermark. That was really cool. There were pools and slides and rafts galore. I enjoyed the family slide where all four of us could ride together. I wish now I had walked around and taken more pictures of the pools and slides. I know it’s a little hard to see in this picture. Ron and the kids would go again late at night after I got in bed to watch TV.





The end of the day brought some tired pups at night. There was a couch. But an argument developed and it ended up with both of them in the bed next to us. Cracked me up. How I love them!!!






They just piled up wherever they were and stole my heart no matter what they were doing. Lauren was tweeting, of course. Michael was playing his game on his phone. I had just come in the room from shopping in the gift shop. Ron was working on his schoolwork. We were just hanging out. And they were just piled there stealing my heart! It was a crazy kind of love!!


Yep that’s my family! We had a great time! I want to take advantage of every second we have together. They are amazing and I am crazy about them!!!



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