What Doesn’t Kill You…

As I type this I am in the second row on the end by the windows of Dr. Wheelock’s Chemo room. I’m never quite sure over the last two months how I have managed to get here. But, alas, I am here and I continue to look for the reason why. I haven’t discovered it yet. But I’m still looking.

My friends continue their prayer vigil for me. They are constantly praying for which I am eternally grateful for. There are days I cannot pray. My heart feels broken in a million little pieces. I do listen to Christian music and find that is encourages me. Everyone is so good at lifting me up and holding me there. There are days that I need that. Then other days I can pray all day. I suppose that is normal. I guess it is normal. I’ve never done this before.

Our trip to London was incredible. It was a Doctoral trip for Ron but a vacation for me. I stayed in and rested a couple of days. But it was the trip of a lifetime. So incredible! I’m remembering everything while I’m sitting here at chemo. The churches were incredible. It was a church history trip. Churches there are NOTHING like churches here. If you follow me on Facebook (Pam Stokes Hunter) I have a ton of photos posted there. I posted a few on Instagram (RHPCEOWife). I update my Instagram quite a bit each day. Feel free to follow me either place. There is a group on Facebook specifically for my Cancer walk (Team Pam). You don’t have follow my regular Facebook account to follow my Cancer group.

I had a friend post a great You Tube video for me. I thought I would share it with you all. It is awesome and fun! Enjoy!

I’m convinced – What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger! I’m not dead – So I must be STRONGER!!!!


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