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This is me!  I have a lot to say!  I have a lot to share!  I write with a tone of humor and sarcasm.  That is my personality.  Some people might like to change how I write.  I have made a few changes. But I created this blog to have a spot to share who I am where I don’t need to fake my personality.  I like to be me!

I’m a 43 year old married stay at home mom to two teenagers – and all of their friends.  Ron and I have been married for 23 1/2 years at this point.  We were college sweethearts.  We have a 17 year old son named Michael.  And we have a 16 year old daughter named Lauren.  We didn’t really plan for them to be 15 months apart.  However, WE were not the ones in charge of the timing of our family – God was.  So after a bit of an adjustment period (approximately 16 years thus far) we are fine with it.

I am what I have titled myself as My Kids Soccer Mom.  We are a HUGE soccer family.  We are hoping for soccer scholarships for college.  Ron has coached rec soccer for a number of years.  Michael has been a goalie, a forward and a defender.  He likes the defender position the best I think.  He is also now a soccer referee.  He earns a little money each Saturday during soccer seasons, which helps our bank account now that he is driving and has a girlfriend.  Lauren is a forward all the way!  She is an awesome player who is always the highest scorer on any team she is on.  We are proud of our Soccer stars.

I enjoy reading, writing, photography, traveling and spending time with my family.  I’m a MOM – it’s what I do!  I hope that you will enjoy my blog.  I hope my humor and bits of sarcasm do not offend you.  I have a lot to say.  I have a lot to share.  I have an amazing family to tell you about.  Stick around!  Surely there will be something you will like or you can relate to.

This is my Dad, Mike Stokes.  He has been doing some writing for my blog the last couple of months.  He now has a feature here.  Each Sunday I will be sharing a message from him.  So, if you don’t make it to church on Sunday you can swing by here for a mini-sermon and a special message from God through my Dad’s writing.

Words cannot explain how proud I am of him.  I’m proud to be his daughter.  I’m proud of the fight he has in him.  This past year (2010) he has beat Laryngeal Cancer.  He has had his voice box removed because of cancer.  But he is now sporting a perfectly newly scientific voice box.  He is learning how to talk with his handsfree talking device.  One day I expect him to be back in the pulpit preaching and teaching.  Until then his brilliant mind and his fingers (and his new Mac) are doing the preaching and teaching through his writings.

He is 66 years young.  He has more energy than I ever have.  I grew up in a Christian home.  Half of the years I was growing up my Dad was my pastor.  He gave me a love for music, playing piano, singing, studying the Word and teaching the Word.

He and my mom have been married for 45 years.  In the last year I have a closer view of their relationship.  They love each other beyond words.  They take care of one another endlessly.  Each day that they wake up to one another you can see the love in their eyes.  I pray that my marriage is as beautiful as theirs after 45 years.

I have other visitors that pop in to share occasionally.  Every now and then I ask my kids to write something.  Lauren has written an entry.  I’ve asked Michael as well.  I expect to get his sometime in the next 10 years or so.  I gave him a deadline.  But that didn’t really work out too well.  And someday I may ask Ron to write.  Ron is an author and a publishing executive.  So, if I post some of his writing it will just make mine look bad.  So I’m still working through my pride to ask him.

One thought on “Writers Here

  1. Pam, I like your new blog…will be exciting to watch it evolve. I am a quilter and belong to an online quilting group…greeniesquiltinggeese@yahoo.com
    come join us and learn with us. This group is a great group of quilters…
    Like you, my life is evolving and I am trying to find my new place in this journey…one that I can travel from the Nursing Home…and I know there is something for me to do that would allow me to honor God and grow spiritually. I am back to bracelet making and hope to find an online outlet to sell them.

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