Foodie Blogs I Love

Jerry Russell at CbsoP – Jerry is a husband/father who loves to cook. He has a blog full of terrific dishes and desserts! And the ones I’ve seen are super easy!

Tessa at Handle the Heat – Tessa’s blog has more food how to’s and recipes than you can shake a wooden spoon at. If you can’t find a recipe for it there then it doesn’t exist.

Blissfully Domestic – I’ve utilized this website for a lot of different domestic “stuff” for a year or so now. This link will take you to the recipe collection. But spend some time exploring the whole site. You’ll find answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Homemade by Holman – Her blog has some of the most mouth-watering yummy pictures. I’m sure I gained weight just looking. You might want to jog in place while reading the recipes to burn off the calories you’ll pick up while looking around.

100 Days of Real Food – Lisa Leake’s blog is a wonderful source of recipes for organic foods for any meal or snack. I look forward to exploring it more.

Crockpot365 – This blog is AWESOME! Stephanie went on an amazing adventure a few years ago and used her crock pot every single day. She lists the recipes for everything she made. She also offers suggestions on what to do differently. Also reading the comments are helpful for suggestions and tips as well.

The Crock Star – This blog has some very simple attractive recipes for everyday foods. They are things that you’ve probably made a hundred times. A wonderful resource for doing with a twist this time.

Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures – Easy recipes for anything and everything. And she has an allergy section for gluten free recipes. I know those are hard to find. Click her button below and check it out!!

Org Junkie – Laura’s website isn’t just about food – it’s about organization of LIFE. The recipes though are nicely organized into categories with coordinating grocery lists for each recipe. Very easy to get around and find something helpful. She has wonderful printables for those of us with Home Management Binders as well. Click her button below and you’re there!

Organizing Junkie

Kayotic Kitchen – this blog is a little unique. The owner is Kay and she is Dutch. Some of her recipes have comments and tips on making the recipe in the dutch fashion as well as the American way. I’m really enjoying looking around. And I already have a recipe printed for my Home Management Binder to put in the menu plan soon.


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