So This Is What It Feels Like To Be A Contributing Member of My Family

I have been feeling much better the last couple of weeks. And things have changed dramatically around here. I’m finding that I can do a lot more than I thought after getting the house to the point where a mild level of maintenance is what I have to do each day. Last week I got myself back on my regular Advocare schedule and have been feeling considerably better. I spent a couple of days getting the house in order. And I’ve merely been working on keeping it that way a little bit at a time each day.

I have even begun doing all the evening cooking. Well, I say all of it, but it’s actually just the weeknights. Ron still gets the weekends. Honestly when you are feeling pretty good then just sitting around is difficult. When you have energy again after spending so long with out it then you want to take advantage of it and get up and busy.

So I have a menu chart up on the fridge. I’m not as organized with the cooking yet as I plan to be. But I’m taking this one step at a time. I’m moving into the organization level little by little. The next part of the plan is to add a second sheet to the fridge for a grocery list based on the menu plan. I am enjoying knowing that my family knows what time they can count on dinner every night (5:30). And it’s nice that I’m keeping up on the chores in the kitchen so it’s not always a big mess of dirty dishes. It makes the kids chores of doing the dishes at night much smoother of a process.

I’ve been searching some home organization sites to work into my routine. I just feel more in control. I still have some bad days with my fibromyalgia. But I’ve discovered if I keep on top of my Advocare products and my regular medications I feel almost normal most of the time. This is really what I’ve wanted for so long. I just wanted to be a regular providing member of my family. I wanted to be more of a help than a hindrance. I’ve noticed that Michael and Lauren respond better to the family unit when things are run smoothly with me taking part.

I’m not completely where I want to be yet. Eventually I’d like to be one who can lunch with friends and/or go to church regularly. I’m still on a day to day basis with that part of my life. But the part of my life INSIDE the walls of our home is coming together.

God is good to provide me with the means of access with items that are working wonders for me. I think if you were a member of my family you could see the big difference. The other day Lauren said “You’ve been doing a really good job of being the Mommy lately. You’ve been doing a great job cooking. The living room is staying clean. I noticed you cleaned out the fridge and are keeping up with dishes. And I noticed you organized the closet upstairs. Keep up the good work.” HAHA! And I notice that I’m getting cooperation around here without having to BEG for it or have Ron do the asking. I’ve also picked up on some much needed and greatly appreciated affection from one of my kids. I think they other will come along with time.

I am forever grateful for my friend who told me about Advocare. It’s making a HUGE difference in my life. And I’m not writing this as an Advocare marketing piece. I’m writing it as a way to share the amazing things that are happening for me. After being so sick for so long, I had pretty much given up hope of getting back on a path even close to normal. But God has provided a way. And I’m thankful for my friend who introduced the way to me. I’m winning! And I’m eternally grateful for providing a means to insert me back into my family and my job as homemaker.