Happiness At LP Field

I had many happy moments to share this week. But I try to share my Finding The Happy moments with my kids. This past Tuesday night we all attended this huge soccer game at LP Field – the local stadium where the Tennessee Titans play. As soon as I heard about it I knew that we HAD to go. I mean we are a HUGE soccer family. It was a no brainer. We had really good seats. The tickets were inexpensive. The men’s national team that played in the World Cup last year was playing Paraguay. We got to see all the players we had cheered on all through the World Cup. It was so excellent! THAT is where I get this week’s Finding The Happy picture!

This is just part of the group. The kids’ school teams went together – the guys team and the girls team. It was AWESOME!!! It made me happy to be right in the middle of all of them. I love these kids and am proud of each of them. I try to be the kind of Soccer Mom that they can come to for encouragement and advice if they need it. And they do that!

I’m sure you can Find The Happy from the last week that you have saved on your cell phone or in your camera. Why not go over to Mr and Mrs Wright’s blog and leave a comment sharing it? See you there!

Finding The Perfect Happy Moment


This is my Finding The Happy entry this week. It doesn’t have so much to do with what is showing in this picture but more about what happened AFTER the picture was taken. This picture was taken on the Santa Monica Pier after dinner at Bubba Gumps. She and I were taking pictures of the sunset. However it’s important to realize that it was incredibly FREEZING OUT THERE!!!!!!! The wind was seriously blowing off of the Pacific and we were not dressed for cold. It was very nice when we went into the restaurant. We were shivering and laughing and talking…….I was trying to say I wondered if Bubba Gumps had sweatshirts in their gift shop. But with the shivering and the laughing at the shivering it came out like “I wonder if Bubba – SNORT……..hahahahahaaahahahahhahaa!” Yes I snorted while shivering and laughing and talking. It was hilarious. She and I were rolling and so were all the people around us – laughing at us. You know how it is when you start laughing and you can’t stop and it only gets worse. Yep that was us! People all around us were trying to enjoy the sunset but we were making it impossible because we were cackling so much that they all started cackling at us cackling. It was HILALRIOUS!!!  It was a perfect moment for Perfect Moment Monday and it made me super happy for Finding The Happy.

Did you have a time this week like mine? Visit those two links above and share yours. Maybe you didn’t snort and make a fool of yourself but not all of us are so talented….there’s always this week for you.

The Happiest Perfectest Sweetest 16 Partiest Ever

Better late than never! My Finding the Happy AND Perfect Moment Monday entry today is getting posted late because we were without electricity for 6 hours today. So, obviously, I wasn’t able to post this earlier.

This weekend was our daughter’s 16th birthday.  Her party was Saturday night. We all had such a great time. I have a trillion pictures to share. But I will try to control myself and only share a few for this entry. I have been so sick for a week. I was worried I wasn’t gonna be able to make it to the party Saturday but I made it after all. I don’t know how many people I infected but how is it possible to have a daughter’s 16th birthday party without the mother? Not possible! And I’m pretty sure I had a fever most of the night. But I was there.

The evening started at my husband’s office. He is a publisher so there is a lot of warehouse space. He had set up a games tournament. There was ping pong, bumper pool and carpet ball. We had also set up a painting area for her friends to paint a canvas for her. After the games tournament was over we headed to a local eatery for dinner and cake. From the restaurant we went on a city wide scavenger hunt. We had 3 adult drivers. There were 4 teens in each car. We all had the same list of things we had to find around town and meet back at the office at a certain time. Each team earned points for each picture they got. Whoever earned the most points won the hunt.

And here are some of the fun pictures to show you what a great time we had.

Working on the canvas

Some of the boys playing carpet ball

One of the items on the scavenger hunt was to get a picture of a team member on a riding lawnmower. Found one at Walmart.

Even Mama got involved in the games.

The birthday girl with her cake

Michael had a great time!

Another item on the scavenger hunt was to get a picture of the team on a slide.

The whole gang

Our table at the Pied Piper Eatery

The finished canvas

If you have a Perfect Moment or a Finding the Happy picture to share follow the links to the host blogs and share them. Mine were PERFECT this week.  NO DOUBT!!!

Girls of Grace – Perfectly Happy Day Full of Happy Moments

Today was filled with good music, amazing lessons and special bonding with Lauren. She and I went to the Girls of Grace Event sponsored by Point of Grace. If you aren’t familiar with POG you really should give them a listen. They’ve been around for a LONG time and I have loved them from the beginning. They have a passion for reaching teen girls with their message of Christlike Spirit, positive self-image and healthy relationships. We heard some terrific music from artists/bands we have never heard. The post I just posted was one of those new bands, Satellites and Sirens. I predict they will be huge in no time. They remind me a lot of Skillet and Disciple. They fall in the Christian Rock category. If you wanna reach young people today that is where you need to go.

Lauren and I with Point of Grace (Shelley, Denise, Lauren, Me and Leigh)

I wish they had distributed a booklet of some kind with a place to make notes on each of the speakers. I saw Lauren making notes on her iPod. And I made a few on my Droid. But it would have really helped to have had a booklet set aside to help this poor mom remember more about the speakers and what they said. But I will do the best I can off of memory just to give you a brief overview. There are 3 more GOG Events in this year so check out the website to see if one is coming near you. If you have a teenage girl it would be worth making the trip and paying the cost to attend.

Constance Rhodes from Finding Balance spoke on having a positive body image and about the weight loss/eating disorder struggle. I think I gained more from this than anyone else in the room. She has amazing resources on her website as well. Please check it out whether you need it or your daughter. It is a lesson we all need to learn – what is inside matters more than what is outside.

Leigh Cappillino with Point of Grace spoke on loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are. Unfortunately Lauren and I spent most of this time in the line at Starbucks (Yes, World Outreach church has a Starbucks in their lobby). So, we didn’t get to hear most of what she said.

Chris Wheeler was an emcee and he spoke next on relationships and how a girl (and women) should not look for a guy (or man) to complete them. They need to find their completion in Christ. He talked about the difference between boys and men and how boys are not mature enough to know how to handle the tender heart of our girls. POWERFUL!

There was a fashion show by Amber Lehman – fashion stylist to the stars. She used 10 girls from the audience to serve as models to show fashions today in a fashion show titled Classy Not Trashy. It was a lesson in how to be stylish but modest and to remain mysterious like God intended us to be. She stressed how to respect ourselves and focusing on what kind of character we portray from the inside and letting it show on the outside.

Denise Jones – another member of Point of Grace – spoke on how to keep our hearts Clean, Committed and Created in Christ. She used the analogy of how our closets reveal things about our hearts.

Mixed into all of the speakers we heard the music of Point of Grace, Jason Castro (2007 season of American Idol – the guy with the dreadlocks), Meredith Andrews, Satellites and Sirens and Dara McLean.

Lauren with Jason Castro


This day was so amazing that it qualifies as my Perfect Moment Monday and my Finding the Happy moment for Monday as well. Click on the links here or on the buttons in my sidebar to visit the sites to participate.

How could you spend a whole day with your teenage daughter and get your picture made with Point of Grace and NOT have a perfectly happy day full of happy moments!

Finding The Perfect Happy In The Weekend

I had a lot of happy moments this weekend. Once again my Perfect Moment Monday and Finding The Happy this week are the same thing. First you should know we are a full-on all-out intense soccer family. Both Michael and Lauren have played since they were 5 and have now been on their high school teams for 3 years. The thing about our school is that it is an OLD school (Oprah Winfrey graduated from our school in the same building). We have a track with a field in the center of it but no stands and didn’t even have a football team until 2 years ago. Most of the sports’ budgets were rolled over into starting the football team so we have had no money for anything else. Last year the grandparents of one of the boys on our boys team donated the money to purchase soccer goals. We have been having to travel across town to play in a city soccer park. We were not able to charge admission to our games because it was on city property. This past Saturday some members of the boys team, our new soccer coaches, Lauren & Rhiana and my hubs, Ron met at school to put the new soccer goals in place. Even as I type this it makes me tear up to think the pride our kids will now have in our school and their team. I showed up to pick the girls up a couple hours after they started and took a few pictures. Here they are:

As you can see the girls were working hardest of all

Lauren and Rhiana's job was to look good and pose for pictures

Look at that goal in the background! Makes me proud and we didn’t even buy them for our kids.

My boy hard at work. It wasn't easy stretching that net.

Ron and some of the other boys on the team were clear at the opposite end putting the other goal together. The field was muddy and I was dressed up so I didn’t wanna walk all the way down there. Sorry. 🙂

Thanks for sharing my perfect happy moment this weekend. We are also getting new uniforms and new school balls. FINALLY – REAL coaches with a REAL love for the game and the REAL desire to see the team and the kids succeed in their sport.  That makes a Soccer Mom happy!

If you have some happy moments you would like to link up be sure to click the links in the first paragraph or click the buttons in my Monday section in the left sidebar. It’s fun to read all the happy moments. There are too many negatives in the world. Let’s share some happiness.

Give Yourself A Gold Star

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Had A Dog With A New Twitter Friend…Yummmmmm

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