The Lazy Weekend

This past weekend I got to tag along with Ron on a business trip to Phoenix. It was so relaxing. We stayed at the Hilton Squaw Peak Resort.Check that link for some pictures more incredible than I could take!

The resort was incredible. Ron is a Hiltons Honors club member and he had some free nights built up so we used them to relax in a place pretty close to Heaven. The weather was amazing! It was in the upper 70s with the humidity at 10%. I didn’t know places like that existed. I laid out every day and never sweated a single drop.

This was the view from one chair at one of the pools. The resort had a water park as well. There were pools everywhere. The sky was that gorgeous blue every day. We drove around and saw some of the city. There are hills and mountains everywhere. However, they are the most unusually hills/mountains I have ever seen.

They were all rocks, dirt and cactus. I’m used to seeing hills/mountains of trees and green. No green here! It is all brown because they are in the desert.

Squaw Peak right behind the resort. This was taken from a bridge crossing over the lazy river in the water park. The lazy river was probably my favorite thing. It was so relaxing.

The weekend was just awesome. And to be honest I felt better than I have felt in AGES! With humidity that low my fibro was non-existent. I had NO PAIN at all! And I had NO HEADACHE!! It was such an incredible relief. Now that I’m back in Nashville my pain has slowly ramped back up. And two hours after we got home yesterday my headache was back. I’m gonna need Randall House to move it’s headquarters to Phoenix. I’ve decided it!

Here are a few more pictures:

My view one time I was laying out.

The cactus were as big as trees!!

One of the beautiful pools!

I’ve decided that if you have Fibromyalgia then Phoenix is the place to be! I think I’ll start packing now just in case…..