Does A Tea Party Count As Lunch?

January 26th – Colour – I’m not sure what the difference is between “color” and “colour” but I’m gonna assume they are both the same thing.

This is one of my flowers last spring/summer. I have always bought beautiful colorful flowers for the front flowerbed or for pots on the front porch. One year I had the most beautiful flowerbed full of impatiens. If my computer was working I could share a picture with you. It’s on my iPhoto on my computer that died a few weeks ago.

January 27th – Lunch

Pouring her big brother some tea - 1997

So……Does a “tea party” count as lunch?


I’m Hungry! Can You Tell?

Time to play catch up around here. Let’s see – January 23rd is next – Something Old! I could post a picture of myself. But I don’t feel as old as I am so I will choose something different.

This is an old picture of my family when we still had everyone. This is my dad’s family but my dad isn’t in the picture – my mom is. HAHA! This is us before any of us cousins got married and before either one of my grandparents died. These were the days!

January 24th is Guilty Pleasure. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Broccoli Casserole

I decided to go with my own Broccoli Casserole recipe. How arrogant is it that my guilty pleasure is a nice fattening recipe of something that I make. Velvetta cheese, cream cheese, ritz crackers and broccoli. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm

January 25th is Something You Made. Ok – the picture above is gonna be my January 25th picture as well. It’s a picture of the last time I made broccoli casserole – Thanksgiving. I just realized that any picture I have of something I have made is gonna be a picture of FOOD!

I’m hungry, can you tell?

How Do You Make Shoes Exciting?

Ok – I’m just gonna stop talking about how behind I am. I know I hate to read that in other people’s blog posts. Let’s just assume that I’m gonna be behind every day. Then neither one of us will be suprised.

Yesterday’s theme was “reflection” and I have a great picture for that!

Isn’t that just a beautiful picture? I love this walking bridge! Lauren had some of her senior pictures taken here. I snapped a few pictures of my own that same day. This is one of them. Nashville has a beautiful greenway walking trail that runs for miles and miles through various parts of town. This bridge is on a section of the trail that crosses the Stones River by Heartland Soccer Fields. The soccer fields are behind me. It’s always so peaceful here. It’s beautiful at this spot in the spring when all the greenery is coming to life. And, as you can imagine, it is breathtaking in the fall when the leaves are all colors. I take a picture of it every time I’m there. It’s not like it’s going anywhere. But it’s just always so peaceful that it makes you want to capture the moment.

Today’s theme is “shoes”. I decided to just take a picture of some of my favorite shoes.

I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to make a picture of shoes interesting. Maybe if I had a pedicure I’d put on those cute strappy heels and take a picture of my feet. However, it’s January. And there’s nothing cute about my feet in January. Ask me again in May and I’ll show them to you then – after they come out of hiding and get a little attention. I started to take a picture of my pile of shoes in my closet but that didn’t look anymore interesting. So, just pretend that this shoe picture is the cleverest shoe picture you’ve seen all day and be done with it!

I’m not sure if any of you have enjoyed this month of pictures I’ve been posting. But I’ve enjoyed trying to be creative with some of them. There aren’t many more days in the month for the challenge. I can’t promise that any of the next few days’ pictures will be very creative or exciting but I’ll try. I’m especially looking forward to January 29th for the “Inside your Fridge” picture. If that’s not a reason to hang around here then I don’t know what is.

Sweetness and Love

January 19th theme is Sweet! The obvious picture would be of a dessert of some kind or a pile of sugar. Instead I decided to put up my favorite precious picture of my kids. It was taken a few years ago (12 1/2 years actually). But it’s just the sweetest thing ever.

Michael and Lauren at a tender sweet moment...1999

That is sweet but this is sweeter:

We were meeting my parents to let them take Michael to spend a couple of weeks with them one summer (probably 1998ish). Lauren just grabbed him and planted one right on him. I can’t believe we actually had the camera on them and captured the moment.

The January 20th theme is Someone You Love. I could actually use the same picture for that. Or I could put a picture of me and the hubs. I could also put a picture of Faith. But I’ve used pictures of them for different days already. So I have decided to post a picture of my Papaw.

It’s not a very good one. It’s a cell phone picture of a polaroid picture. So, that explains the quality. But this is my Papaw – Melvin Hughes. He died in 1986. But I find myself missing him just as much today as I did then. He was fun and loving. He was just my best buddy. If I wrote 1000 words about him it could never explain just how special he was to me when I was growing up. He and my Mamaw (I don’t have a picture of her handy) were just the best grandparents. I spent practically every weekend with them. I remember in 1977 (I think) when we had a blizzard in Ohio I was so upset that I couldn’t go stay with them. The roads were bad. The snow was unreal. But I talked to him on the phone and he said he would come and get me. Of course I see now that would have been a bad idea (as my parents told me then) but I have never forgotten that. He and my Mamaw are together in Heaven once again – along with many special people in my life. But when he died I was sure my heart would fall out of my chest into a trillion little pieces. I love you, Papaw!

I’m also going to use this post as my Flashback Friday entry since all of these pictures are flashback pics.


Flashback Friday

I Went Here and I Bought This

I belief I am on January 17th – Water! How boring would it be to post a picture of my glass of water? I thought these pictures of water would be much nicer:

The Pacific Ocean from The Pacific Coast Highway. Isn’t it gorgeous?

This little guy thinks it’s beautiful too. He and I were one in thought that day. We were both enjoying the view, the salty smell of the ocean and the relaxing sounds of the waves hitting the rocks.

Today, January 18th, is supposed to be a picture of Something I Bought. Well that could be just about anything!

We bought Lot 154 in Abbington Park subdivision and had the builders put THIS on it:

Feel free to stop by any time!


Yeah Yeah Yeah So I’m a Little Behind

Once again I am behind – somehow I’m sure that doesn’t surprise any of you. I just like to keep you guessing!

January 13 – In your bag – I love carrying big bags but I don’t have a lot of stuff (believe it or not) and I keep them organized in separate pouches. Here is proof:

See there! The small pink Vera Bradley pouch is my money. The small aqua one with the polka dots is my cards. The green Vera Bradley is my makeup. The black Vera Bradley is my medicine, clippers, nail file….

January 14 – Something you’re reading – I read a lot of different things at once. Here is a picture of one of them:

Faith is keeping watch over my Bible and my Beth Moore book!

January 15 – Happiness – Wow could we get any more general than that?

Instead of posting more pictures of me and my family members I thought I would share a beautiful picture I took of the Pacific Ocean last spring. We were driving the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped for some pictures. The ocean makes me feel so at peace. God’s amazing creation brings me joy and happiness. (But my kids do too – I’m just trying to be different)

And January 16th is Morning. It just so happens that I have a beautiful picture taken from our front porch one morning of the sunrise.

Looks like a sunset but it is a sunrise! I took it from my front porch through my plants.

And there you have it – all caught up once again!

Up Close and Personal

Today’s picture is supposed to be “Close-Up”. However, I promise you that you do NOT want to see a close up picture of me today. Yesterday? Maybe! Today” Definitely NOT! So I have decided to share a close up shot I have takenĀ  with each member of my family in the last couple of weeks.

Me and My Girl

Me and My Boy

Me and My Man

And there you have us – up close and personal!