Washing, Studying and Writing

I have finished week one of November’s 3 in 30 challenge. And I must say it went rather well. I’m very pleased actually. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to participate in this challenge. Everytime I see a tweet come through from 3n30 or when I see something from 3 in 30 appear in my FB timeline I stop and think “have I met my goals for today”. I’m looking forward to posting this and linking it up on the site. Then I’ll spend some time touring blogland to encourage my fellow 3 in 30iers. But first, here is my update:

1. Laundry – I have done pretty well with this goal this week. My goal is to do at least one load a day. Somedays I have done more than one. But I have definitely done at least one load each day this week.

2. Bible Study – I haven’t been as consistent with this one as with the others. But I’m not behind. Each Beth Moore Bible study gives five lessons of homework to do in the week. So you have 5 days of study homework. The idea is to do one each day and have two days off. Well, it’s been a week and I am halfway through day 3. So tonight I will be doing 2 1/2 days. But that’s still better than it was – doing all 5 days on Saturday night.

3. NaBloPoMo – I’m right on target with this one. I have posted at least once ever day since November 1. So far I am where I’m supposed to be. Ron will be gone most of next week and then I will be out of town next weekend. So this next week will be the true test of this challenge.

At any rate, I am pleased! Now I’m off to see how my fellow challengers are doing this week.

Goals Goals Goals

Well today is a first for a couple of occasions for me here for November. I am getting back on the wagon with 3 in 30. I took a couple of months off because of health reasons and because we’ve been so busy I just haven’t taken the time to stay on top of things. And I’m also participating in NaBloPoMo once again. I haven’t done that since the spring. For the same reasons above I have gotten away from posting regularly here. I miss it and I feel so disconnected from my friends when I am not writing to you regularly.

First of all, as a refresher, 3 in 30 is a monthly challenge where you set 3 goals for yourself to work on in the next month (usually 30 days). Each Friday you write an update on how you’ve done on your goals that week and then you link it up on the 3 in 30 site. The support you receive from others who are taking part in the challenge is wonderful. You connect with them via Twitter and Facebook. It’s a wonderful opportunity to accomplish something you’ve been wanting to do and also make great new encouraging friends. I have missed all of them by not participating for a couple of months. I’m glad to be back.

Now to set my goals:

1. As is always the case for 3 in 30 for me, I vow to wash at least once load of laundry a day. Laundry is my arch enemy. It’s the biggest job that I hate the most around here. It has been on my goal list since I first began 3 in 30 back in February. I still haven’t mastered it yet. But I will keep it on the list until I have set the routine and accomplish it – no matter how long it takes.

2. Work on Bible Study at least 5 days a week. I am currently in a Lifegroup at church that is doing the Beth Moore study LIving Beyond Yourself. If you know anything about Beth Moore Bible studies then you know each week consists of 5 days of homework. Lately I have been doing the homework but I have mostly been doing it all on Saturday night because I am such a procrastinator. I would really prefer not to cram it all in at the last second. So, I’m thinking I might actually do the study as it was meant to be done – in 5 days instead of 1.

3. Post a daily entry to my blog for NaBloPoMo. The National Blog Posting Month is a great way to encourage you to post more regularly to your blog. There is usually a theme for the month. But November is the only month that doesn’t have a theme so it’s a great time to start. I need to get back into the habit of posting daily. The NaBloPoMo powers that be could happen by your blog any day to check up on you. There are prizes involved – although I’ve never won any prizes. I just don’t have that kind of luck. I don’t win anything. But I figure this month if I can keep up with 3 in 30 AND NaBloPoMo then I have really won anyway. NaBloPoMo is now being hosted on Blogher. You can visit my Blogher profile and check it all out. Or click this button below or in my sidebar:

NaBloPoMo 2011

There you have it! Care to join me?

Laundry, Sunshine and Bible Study…Oh my!

It is Friday! It is Friday! It is Friday! You know what that means around here at The Journey Leads Home? It means a 3 in 30 Challenge update! Normally when we slide into Friday I’m a bit apprehensive about posting an update. That’s usually because I haven’t had much success in the week to report on. This week isn’t a shining week of incredible success. But after 8 months of participating in the challenge I’m learning that every week is not gonna be a great one. Some weeks are just gonna be better than others. This week hasn’t been a total waste. I have spent most of the week in bed thanks to a mind splitting headache that has grabbed ahold of me and refuses to let go. However I have had some success anyway. I haven’t done as well as I could have done. But who always does? If you always do your very best at everything you set your mind to will you please share your secret? You could make millions by sharing that little tidbit of information.

One thing about spending all day every day in bed around here is that I keep up with the laundry so much better. That happens because I am laying right there next to the laundry room and can hear the machines stop. And I can stay in bed while I fold clothes. When I get up to let Faith out or go to the bathroom I will grab a pile of clothes and put them away. It’s a slow process but at least I feel a sense of success about SOMETHING at the end of the day.

There were quite a few nice mild days this week. While one of my goals is to get outside more I didn’t quite make that goal very much. However, I did open the windows a couple of days and let some fresh air in the house. I can’t leave them open too long because we have bad allergies. But an hour or so just to air out the houseĀ  a few times was really nice. I still had the smell of fresh air in the bedroom for days after the first time I did it. That was uplifting. While Tropical Storm Lee was hanging out here most of the time just opening the windows even to hear the rain was refreshing.

Ron and I did our Bible Study Wednesday night. You know what I loved the most? When the kids got home from church and walked by our room they came in and asked what we were doing. So, we got to show them that we were doing our Bible study while they were at theirs. I loved living that in front of them. We all shared a little about what we learned that evening – them at youth group and us at home. Next week’s study covers two chapters so starting today I will need to start reading to prepare for next week’s study. I will also be writing about each chapter this coming week as well.

So, while it wasn’t perfect, I think the week went well. Now I’m off to link up and check out other’s updates and see how they did. Support and encouragement! That’s what it’s about!

Cheers to September

August’s 3 in 30 goals have rounded out pretty well. It wasn’t a huge success. But you know what….I’m human! I am working on accepting that a little more every day. Today is the first day of September and time for a new set of goals. I’m looking forward to it cooling off some so I might get motivated to get outside more often. If I’m feeling up to it the sunshine makes me feel so much better. Depression has been sneaking up on me this week. I’m working on that. So for that reason my first goal for September is:

1 – Get outside for some amount of time each day. I love being home. I’m a homebody and sometimes go days without stepping foot outside. I want that to change this month. This is the time that my seasonal depression starts getting cranked up. So hopefully this goal will help to hold it off as long as possible.

2 – Work diligently on my Bible study with Ron. The study is going really well but the lessons are so long that it discourages me. I just need to discipline myself to do some each day so it’s not so overwhelming. When I start getting overwhelmed by anything it doesn’t usually end well for me or anyone around me. So this is one area I need to get a grip on.

3 – Hmmmmmmmm seems like there was something else I was gonna include in the goals for September……Hmmmmmmmmmmm…..what could it be???????????? AHHHHHHHHH YES!!!!!! The laundry! SIGH…….do at least one load of laundry a day. Yeah, THAT!

So, here’s to September – CHEERS!! Off to link up! Come join us!

It’s Friday Friday Fri..day – Time to Link Up

3in30 Challenge I am very happy to write this entry this week. Some weeks in recent months Fridays were not my favorite days here at The Journey Leads Home. But this week I’m please to write my 3 in 30 update. If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t SHAME ON YOU!) then you have been seeing me post my progress throughout the week. I have truly found that tweeting my success or failure on Twitter helps to keep me motivated and focused. I know when I see a fellow 3 in 30ier post anything on Twitter about their progress or frustrations not only does it prompt me to encourage them but it also prompts me to get myself moving. 3 in 30 has been the best thing for me in the last 7 months. It is forming habits that I have needed to work on for a long time now. It has also helped me to find some new friends and new blogs to read. So many of us moms out there are struggling with disappointment and feelings of failure. But that one encouraging word can make a big difference in a day. I have vowed every week to read each entry linked up on the 3 in 30 site. Sometimes it takes me 2 or 3 days to get through them all but I am doing it. I know how important support is and I want to provide that to my fellow bloggers.

Now on with my update really quick:

1 – Laundry – Yawwwwnnnnn – I have managed to keep it up this week. There were a few days I didn’t do a load, which is my goal, but one day I did about 6 loads from start to finish (folded/hung up and but away). That’s not the ideal way I want to do it. But that’s how it panned out this week. And really if you get to Friday and have clean underwear in the drawers and clean towels in the linen closet what does it really matter when they were done. Incidently I have massive numbers of towels and underwear so that I can “afford” to get behind on the laundry. How sad is that?

2 – Soccer – this is just the beginning of the soccer season. This Tuesday I didn’t make it to Lauren’s game because I was in bed with a flare headache. But so far I have made every game. I went to the last half of one practice. I am satisfied with that. Last night Lauren texted me “thank you for always supporting me”. That made me smile and gave me a chance to tell her that “I will always have our back and will be the loudest one cheering for you on the sidelines – ALWAYS”!

3 – Bible Study with Ron – we had our first session this Wednesday night. I think the study is just right for us. I hope you got to read the entry of my thoughts on chapter one of the book. If not, click that link and it will take you to the entry. It’s going to be a challenge. But challenging a husband and wife to spend time together studying God’s Word is ALWAYS worth the effort.

I’m looking forward to finish strong in August. I’m already thinking through my goals for September. Now I’m gonna go link this post up, read what has been linked already and then checking out the new 3 in 30 forum. I hope you will think about joining us.

I Have Excuses!!!

The days have gotten away from me this week. It’s Friday and time for a 3 in 30 update already. I have actually done fairly well. Well, all except for that blasted laundry. But I am armed with lots of excuses. Why do you think I waited till the end of the day to write my update? I needed time to come up with these excuses. Shall I just go ahead and get them out of the way now or should I write about my awesome success with the other two goals? I think I’ll just go ahead and get the laundry update out of the way.

Laundry – let’s see…..the kids started school this week so they were busy doing their laundry. I had to step aside and sacrifice my laundry time for them. It was a big sacrifice but that’s what parents do. Also the litter box is in the laundry room and Lauren had not been cleaning it so it smelled really bad in there. I just couldn’tĀ  bring myself to walk in the room to put clothes in the washer. My gas mask was being used for other rooms in the house that needed to be cleaned. Ummmmmmmmmm….I was sure that the rapture was gonna occur this week so I didn’t want to waste my final days on earth by doing laundry…….yeah, those were the best excuses I could come up with.

Soccer – Lauren had two games this week. Tuesday I was in bed all day and wasn’t sure if I could make it. But I remembered the goal I had set for August and pushed my way through it. Of course the next day was awful but I showed up for her game knowing that I would pay for it the next day. Then she had another game yesterday. Yesterday was a good day so I didn’t have any problem making that game. Two games next week plus a parents meeting after a practice. I’m determined! Wish I had that determination for the laundry.

Bible study – Ron was out of town this week. So, we decided to officially begin our Wednesday night Bible study this coming week. However, I did read the section of the book that I needed to read. Now this coming week I just need to do the homework in the workbook. I suspect this study will be providing some blogging topics in the weeks ahead.

If you are participating in the 3 in 30 Challenge be sure to swing by the site and linking up your update. Then visit the other linked blogs and support one another. That’s what makes 3 in 30 such a great success – the support for each other!

So Far So Good

Happy Friday! I knew I would be updating my 3 in 30 goals today. First of all it’s only day 5 of this month so I can’t have fallen too far off the wagon yet. This is the easiest week to update because I’m still motivated and think I can do this! I’ve never been much of one to really set goals for myself and then strive to reach them. I’ve always been kind of satisfied with the status quo. But I have to say that when I am laying down feeling lazy (which honestly is most of the time) I think to myself how I don’t wanna let the 3 in 30 gang down by slacking off on my goals. Then I usually get up and throw in that load of laundry. Seriously! That’s what I think. Sometimes I even say it out loud because who DOESN’T talk to themselves.

So the laundry goal has been going well. I even spent yesterday evening putting away all the laundry from the week. Of course there is more to do today. How does that stuff NEVER end? It’s a mystery!

The kids are still gone out of town so there is no soccer yet. But Monday we will hit the ground running and not stop for….well, a LONG time! I’m going to enjoy the next 3 days of quiet and stillness before the soccer mom dash begins with the kids’ sports physicals on Monday.

Ron and I kicked off our date/study night this Wednesday. We are taking this semester off of going to Bible Study at church on Wednesday nights. Michael can drive he and Lauren. Ron and I are going to stay home and do our own together Bible study. We went this past Wednesday evening and chose our study and bought our books. Ron will be out of town this coming Wednesday night. So we will officially begin the following Wednesday night. We have chosen Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Have any of you read this book or done the study? I’m looking forward to this bonding time with the hubs!

So, it gives me great joy to report a positive 3 in 30 update this week. Off to link it up! Come join us. It’s not too late to set 3 goals to complete in the month of August.