Blessing After Blessing

I have come to Ohio. It is January. And it is snowing! Ron has gone out of town a for a week+. I was supposed to go with him but he forgot to get me a ticket till the last minute when it would cost too much. So I decided I would just come to Ohio. Of course since I’m coming it decided it was time to snow and get cold because I love it SOOOOOOO much!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

2013-01-22 14.29.55

As soon as I got here Faith jumped up with dad and they took a nap. She loves it here. She loves me and everything but she loves papaw’s lap for napping and she loves following mamaw around wherever she goes. She does still sleep with me at night. When it comes time to leave she knows it’s time to leave but till then she knows where the treats come from, I have to admit that.

2013-01-21 17.25.35


Monday was my weigh in/measure day (Day 11) of my 24 Day Challenge. I couldn’t wait to get here to use Mom’s scale. I mistakenly stepped on my scale one day last week and the dumb thing said 200 pounds. I was convinced it was broken because I had already stepped on the scale at my doctor last Monday and knew I had passed the 200 mark. So I told Ron and he stood right up, got the scale, took it in the garage and threw it away. I was thrilled!!! Of course now that meant that I didn’t have a scale. But who wants a broken one anyway. He said I could use the one at the doctor once a month when I go to the doctor once a month anyway – which is a good idea actually. Now I don’t feel the draw of the dumb thing when I walk past the bathroom anymore. So this one time I needed it on a day when I happened to be at Mom’s house. I grabbed her tape measure – took my measurements and stepped on those scales. So my day 11 results show that I was down 7 pounds and 13 inches. I was so proud!!



So now I’m on days 11-24. Those days are easier compared to the first 10 days. I brought my food with me up here. I haven’t exercised yet. I was using the 24 Day Challenge Exercise DVD at home. But I knew I couldn’t use that here. Mom/Dad don’t have a DVD player here. Well, they do but it’s not in a place where I could exercise as well. I started doing some floor exercises that I did before when I was working on losing weight in 2009.

So things are going well actually. Ron and I went to Chattanooga over the weekend to see Lauren and her friends. We haven’t been there to see her any this year. We’ve been wanting to go for so long. I’ve been wanting to go there for so long. She has made so many amazing personal changes. I wish I could share them all here. I’m not even sure I could get them all together to list. She has matured emotionally, personally, physically…she is no longer the innocent little girl in the teenage girl’s body. I have spent the entire school year praying and worrying and praying and worrying some more. I haven’t been the perfect Christian mother – because of the worrying – but I have begged God  100 different ways to help me let her go. I’ve begged Him to help her see His light in her life. Moving from high school to college is never easy. Months ago I told her that the feelings she was having in high school would be totally different to how she would feel for the rest of her life. It’s hard to get a teenage girl to understand that the four years of high school are a simple drop in the bucket of the rest of her life. She is changing now. She’s starting to see that all those feeling she had in high school are long gone. She’s struggling with understanding where they went. It’s just so hard for her. I keep praying. But I do understand how it all plays into her makeup. She is moving forward – thankfully. I can see it’s a hard lesson to learn. She can see that she is moving on and that all of her high school friends are back here in the same situation. But God is good and He has her moving ahead from where she was. It’s beautiful to see. She has a lot more changes to make but she is making them and she is making progress. And is such an incredible blessing to me every day.

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