A Long Time Comin’

I didn’t get around to writing a Perfect Moment Monday entry last week. I was too wiped out to do so. But If I could have I would have written the one I’m gonna write now.

This year was the first year in 17 years that I got to spend Mother’s Day with my mother. The last time I was with her was when I was pregnant with Michael and dad flew me home from Florida to surprise her. That was in 1993. It was really very  nice and a long time comin’. We have bonded quite a bit in the last couple of years during my dad’s illness. I saw a strong side of her that I wasn’t sure (as she wasn’t sure) she had it in her. But we all found out that she did. The times in the last few years they have come down for a visit they have always left before church on Sunday morning because of needing to get home early enough in the evening for mom to rest and get ready for work on Monday. But since she is retired now they didn’t have to leave on Sunday. So, they went to church with us. It was wonderful to share our awesome church with them. The people loved meeting them and getting to tell them how much we had all prayed for dad’s healing. I was a proud daughter.

After church we went to a new (to us) Italian place in West Nashville called Coco’s Italian Restaurant and Market. It has quite a lively atmosphere. They had a violinist and guitarist who would play for you at your table. It was different than anyplace we had ever been. I think it was a little beyond mom and dad’s comfort zone. But it was very unique. Besides, it’s good to stretch yourself every now and then.

Three generations of girls in Coco's Italian Market

The kids with my parents at lunch today in Coco's

Then after we all went back and rested for a bit, Mom and I went shopping to my favorite consignment shop in town, Clothes Mentor. We both found some good deals. So, church, dinner, resting, shopping on Mother’s Day makes for a lot of Perfect Moments!

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Skywatch Friday – Flying The Friendly Skies

This picture was taken with my new HD Digital camera on the soccer field last Saturday by Michael. The zoom is obviously awesome too. If I look close enough I might can see who is on the plane too. Excellent picture against a gorgeous blue sky backdrop.

Southwest Flight Coming Into BNA (Nashville)

A perfect picture for Skywatch Friday this week. Stop over at Skyley’s blog for some more awesome sky shots from all over the world – literally!

The Sky Is Bipolar

Today’s Skywatch Friday pictures show how bipolar the Nashville weather is. And since I have Fibro you can probably figure out exactly how I was feeling at the time of each picture….

This was taken the beginning of the week - Pick a day!

We get a lot of days that look like this. Notice there IS light back there somewhere

My drive home from running errands yesterday...

At the soccer game last night

And we finish the week off with a beautiful bright ball called the sun

Our weather here in Middle Tennessee is as confused and psycho as I feel inside my head most days. I’m just grateful that we occasionally get days like the last 3 pictures.

Now I’m off to the Skywatch Friday host site to see some beautiful shots from around the world!

Easter Sunday Sky In My City

While I was outside this morning setting my flowers/plants off the porch so they could get some rain today this is the sky I saw. Kinda creepy!

I think it's gonna rain a little

It is Easter Sunday and I think maybe Satan is a little mad that Jesus is Risen!!!!! HA!

So this is Sunday in my City of Nashville today. I am hoping to get some more pictures today. We are going for Easter dinner at some friends’ house. Looking forward to that! Expecting a big crowd at The Donelson Fellowship today. Hoping you are planning to make it to celebrate the Resurrection Day of Christ at church as well.

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Weather Damage A Little TOO Close To Home – And Some AT Home

This is what I found on my way home from my doctor’s appointment. Scary stuff!

This is the first thing I found on my drive home

This was the next thing. Had to turn around - obviously. But apparently my neighbor's car is in a ditch close by. She was driving thru when the tree fell. She is ok. Her car is not.

After turning around and coming home the back way. This was in a yard across from the entrance to my neighborhood.

This is about 5 houses up from us on our street. Pretty sure they did not deliberately put a trampoline in their driveway. I believe this actually belongs to the neighbors behind them.

One of my patio chairs in our front yard.

This is not how I left our patio when I left for the doctor.

Poor caboose! I did look inside and did not see any eggs. Some of the back is busted but we will get it back up for them soon.

More patio redecoration

Sundays In My City

This week’s Sundays In My City pictures were taken during a family photo shoot at Centennial Park on West End. If you know anything about Nashville then you are, no doubt, familiar with Centennial Park. You can visit the link to learn about the park or you can read this description that I copied straight from the main page at the link. It is an excellent description.

Centennial Park is Nashville’s premier park. Located on West End and 25th Avenue North, the 132-acre features: the iconic Parthenon, a one-mile walking trail, Lake Watauga, the Centennial Art Center, historical monuments, an arts activity center, a beautiful sunken garden, a band shell, an events shelter, sand volleyball courts, two dog parks, and an exercise trail. Thousands of people visit the park each year to visit the museum, see exhibits, attend festivals, and just enjoy the beauty of the park.

We had a professional photo shoot done. I have posted some of those pictures previously. But the ones  I am sharing today feature some of the park features.

Jumping off the Parthenon steps

Family at one of the many playgrounds at Centennial Park

Most of these pictures are on Ron’s laptop (with him on an airplane somewhere between Charlotte and Chicago at this moment) but this is just sort of an introduction to Centennial Park in Nashville.

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The Happiest Perfectest Sweetest 16 Partiest Ever

Better late than never! My Finding the Happy AND Perfect Moment Monday entry today is getting posted late because we were without electricity for 6 hours today. So, obviously, I wasn’t able to post this earlier.

This weekend was our daughter’s 16th birthday.  Her party was Saturday night. We all had such a great time. I have a trillion pictures to share. But I will try to control myself and only share a few for this entry. I have been so sick for a week. I was worried I wasn’t gonna be able to make it to the party Saturday but I made it after all. I don’t know how many people I infected but how is it possible to have a daughter’s 16th birthday party without the mother? Not possible! And I’m pretty sure I had a fever most of the night. But I was there.

The evening started at my husband’s office. He is a publisher so there is a lot of warehouse space. He had set up a games tournament. There was ping pong, bumper pool and carpet ball. We had also set up a painting area for her friends to paint a canvas for her. After the games tournament was over we headed to a local eatery for dinner and cake. From the restaurant we went on a city wide scavenger hunt. We had 3 adult drivers. There were 4 teens in each car. We all had the same list of things we had to find around town and meet back at the office at a certain time. Each team earned points for each picture they got. Whoever earned the most points won the hunt.

And here are some of the fun pictures to show you what a great time we had.

Working on the canvas

Some of the boys playing carpet ball

One of the items on the scavenger hunt was to get a picture of a team member on a riding lawnmower. Found one at Walmart.

Even Mama got involved in the games.

The birthday girl with her cake

Michael had a great time!

Another item on the scavenger hunt was to get a picture of the team on a slide.

The whole gang

Our table at the Pied Piper Eatery

The finished canvas

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