Pampered Pets

Faith finally got a hair cut today. Actually the more appropriate word would be SHAVE. In the summer I get her shaved. She is part Shih-Tzu/Terrier but thankfully she doesn’t have the floor length hair part of the Shih-Tzu. Unfortunately she has the shaggy looking terrier hair part. In the winter I let her hair grow out for warmth. But I really can’t stand it long. It gets all knotted and she just looks messy. Finally, though, spring is here and it’s shaving time. So today’s Sweet Shot Tuesday are pictures of Faith. First of all, here is a picture of the TERRIFIC place we take her. If you live in Nashville you can’t go wrong with Pampered Pets in Donelson.

Pampered Pets in Donelson

It’s kind of located in a country setting in the back of a subdivision off of Lebanon Rd. They take such sweet care of Faith. They just love her. And she loves them and the love they give her. She gets plenty of loves, hugs and kisses every single time.

Here is her sweet little self after her grooming visit:

If you are in this area and looking for a good second home for your little one for boarding or for grooming then Pampered Pets is your spot! I can’t recommend them highly enough for lots of love and attention!

Sweet Little Lacy

Hello my name is Lacy!

Today’s Sweet Shot Tuesday entry is about my Uncle’s dog, Lacy. She is a Yorkshire Terrior and is spoiled and sweet all at the same time!

What's in there, Aunt Judi?

She likes to look for gum in women’s purses! See her trying to get her nose in mom’s purse?

I need some lipstick on too, Aunt Judi!

Are you gonna drop anything? I'll clean it up if you do!

I wanna help make pizzas too!

See how pretty I am!

This is my daddy - Pam's Uncle Gary!

She is just the sweetest thing!! She and Faith are both spoiled about the same! Isn’t that what a dog is for?

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A Sweet Shot

A couple of months ago Ron bought Faith a new bed. The problem was that she wouldn’t use it. The cats, however, are quite fond of it. So it is not going to waste. So yesterday I decided to buy her a new bed. The original bed that she had suddenly became Biskit’s litter box when we first got Chewey. I know it’s gross. I wasn’t particularly excited about it when I discovered it myself. So while I was in the doggie aisle getting Faith’s food at Target yesterday I noticed this adorable little bed. I thought it would be just the right size. It ended up being a little too small. But when she curls up in her sleeping ball (heehee) it’s a good fit. I showed it to her when I first got home. She gave it a good sniffing. I put it in various places around the living room. And I talked about it with her all afternoon. I would take her over to it and sit her down in it. Of course she would automatically jump right back out. So this morning I noticed she was curled up on a blanket on the couch (at least it wasn’t my clean laundry – UGH). I thought this would be a good time to take advantage of the sleepies….so I folded up the blankets and put them away and moved the bed up on the couch in the exact same spot. I was pleased to see that she jumped right in it. And she was positively the cutest thing ever. See for yourself!

Mommy, this is not a good time for a photo shoot......

Isn’t she just precious? Her adorableness is just too much for me to handle sometimes! And I’m thankful that she likes her new bed. I should note here that a couple of hours after this picture was taken she went out for a potty break. When she came back inside she jumped right back up on the couch and hopped back in the bed. SCORE!!!!

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Phone Photo Friday – Bird Dreams

I got an adorable picture of Chewey this week. So I’ve decided that is the one I’m gonna share for Phone Photo Friday this week. He is such a stinker but he is so adorable. He’s just too adorable for his own good. I was sitting at my desk one day with the blinds open. There is a chair right next to the desk mostly for people but the cats like to jump up there when someone is at the desk too. Of course Chewey had to jump up and see what I was doing. Just as I was about to show him how to add a tweet and create a blog post he was distracted by some birds playing on the porch outside the window. I pretty much lost him at that point. Kids these days just can’t stay focused on one thing. Anyway here he is in all his handsomeness!

"WHAT WAS THAT? Did you hear that?"

I especially love how his long tail wraps around his paws in the front. He’s so proper – except when he is throwing up all over the house….SIGH!!! That’s not so proper.

Later that day he was also checking out the birds on the back porch. I’ve decided he is a birdaholic. Here he is keeping an eye on the birds in back.

"Oh what I would do if I could get at those birds....SIGH......"

See that one bird just struttin’ it’s stuff in front of him. It makes him crazy. They just dance around in front of the windows teasing him. I’m thinking about letting him go out some during the days in the spring. I suspect he will take care of those crazy birds then. He will be so angry when he learns they will be able to fly away from him.

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Capturing The Happy

I am very excited about this week’s theme for You Capture.  It is HAPPY!  There are so many wonderful things in my life that make me happy.  First of all this blog makes me happy. I love being creative here. I don’t consider myself to be a creative person. But here I have found my niche for that bit of creativity that I DO have inside of me. I’m learning a lot about myself and other people. So as I was looking through my pictures on my cell phone – all 1885 of them (INSANITY!!) – I found it difficult to narrow it down to just a few. But I tried. If you’ve hung out with me here at all then you know that I thoroughly love taking pictures and then sharing them with you all. Continue reading

My Best Four-Legged Friend






This is absolutely my best four-legged friend on this earth. She is just beyond adorable. She takes good care of me and I take good care of her. We are a team! Faith is an angel.

I have discovered that pets are the best medicine someone with chronic illness can have. They are comforting, entertaining and distracting.

You Capture – Breakfast Shouldn’t Be This Hard

I have been so excited to participate in You Capture this week.  I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about what picture to take and share.  I’ve settled on this one of our new cat.  Poor thing has a sensitive stomach.  So when he eats he eats a ton and throws up.  It’s just a matter of finding the right food and learning to control his intake of it.  We’ve always had a come and graze kind of eating pattern for our pets.  With the addition of Chewey to the mix this has changed.  His addition to our family has changed EVERYTHING!  WHEW!  I’m too old to do this!  Anyway, I have decided to buy his food in these packages and cut them partially open so he has to eat slow and work for it.  He can’t gourge himself.  He’s very cute working on his breakfast


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