Phone Photo Friday- We Need To Talk


When Biskit needs to talk she just really doesn’t what kind of important work you are trying to accomplish.  At this point I wasa trying to link my NaBloPoMo article that day. However Biskit needed a little girl time. I suppose she really just wanted me to see how breathtakingly beautiful she is. And as you can she she ain’t no scrawny barn cat. I still don’t know exactly what it was she wanted. But she did enjoy chasing to cursor around my computer screen as I worked. Such a cutie!


The cuteness of Chewey is the topic of my Phone Photo Friday entry today. That little man is so adventurous. I never knew cats actually WERE rambunctious and adventurous until we got this little guy. Biskit is fat and old and lazy…..wait is that ME or HER……either way Chewey is keeping us on our toes around here.

The weather has been positively amazing this week. I haven’t gotten out as much as I would have liked to enjoy it. But today I opened the windows and Chewey has been in every single one. I think he believes he’s in a different world in each window. I never said he was smart – just adventurous. So I opened the kitchen windows and before I could even finish opening them he was in them. He’s been in 87 different windows since these pictures were taken. Ok, 87 might be a bit of an exagerration considering our house is only 2000 square feet. But you get the idea.

Here he is in all his adorableness!

I tried to get his attention to pose but he refused to look at me. Cats are like that, you know!

I had to go outside to get a picture of his face. Little stinker!

He had his eye on something interesting!

So peaceful!

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Phone Photo Friday – Bird Dreams

I got an adorable picture of Chewey this week. So I’ve decided that is the one I’m gonna share for Phone Photo Friday this week. He is such a stinker but he is so adorable. He’s just too adorable for his own good. I was sitting at my desk one day with the blinds open. There is a chair right next to the desk mostly for people but the cats like to jump up there when someone is at the desk too. Of course Chewey had to jump up and see what I was doing. Just as I was about to show him how to add a tweet and create a blog post he was distracted by some birds playing on the porch outside the window. I pretty much lost him at that point. Kids these days just can’t stay focused on one thing. Anyway here he is in all his handsomeness!

"WHAT WAS THAT? Did you hear that?"

I especially love how his long tail wraps around his paws in the front. He’s so proper – except when he is throwing up all over the house….SIGH!!! That’s not so proper.

Later that day he was also checking out the birds on the back porch. I’ve decided he is a birdaholic. Here he is keeping an eye on the birds in back.

"Oh what I would do if I could get at those birds....SIGH......"

See that one bird just struttin’ it’s stuff in front of him. It makes him crazy. They just dance around in front of the windows teasing him. I’m thinking about letting him go out some during the days in the spring. I suspect he will take care of those crazy birds then. He will be so angry when he learns they will be able to fly away from him.

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The Beach Is In My Living Room

Today’s Phone Photo Friday picture is a picture of a picture.  Ron bought this painting for me on our cruise in the Dominican Republic.  A guy had a booth set up on the beach selling his paintings.  Ron bought me this one.  Lauren bought a smaller version of it for her room.  She doesn’t have hers framed yet.  Ron just framed mine last night.  When I woke up and went downstairs this morning.  This is what I saw.

Beach in the Dominican Republic

It is on our mantel. As you can see it is huge!  I positively love it.  I’m looking forward to finding a place for it.  It will be a challenge to find a spot because it is so big.  I want to put it in our bedroom.  But I want the walls painted first.  I want to pain them an aqua color like the water in Nassau.  Breathtaking!!  It’s a little like the beach is in my living room – except without the sand.  Thank goodness!!!

Phone Photo Friday – Fun Ornaments To Go Around

Today’s Phone Photo Friday entry was an easy one to put together.  I decided to share the Christmas ornaments that we have bought for this year as well as some that I have mentioned here in past days.  And since I always take my pictures with my cell phone this was super easy!

I’m not sure where the history of the Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments came from and I don’t always appreciate it as I should but this year I’m all about it.  I may just have to look that up actually.  I bet that is some interesting tidbits of information.  Who knows, I may just do a whole research project on the history of the traditional Christmas with Santa and the whole shibang!  Sounds like I’m talking myself into some work.  Don’t worry!  You will appreciate!  I promise! Continue reading