A Warning Within Our Spirit

There are so many things I have been wanting to blog about. But as it turns out I don’t get much visitation time with a computer these days. So I’m kind of on the schedule of “you can use the laptop when either everyone else is asleep or when everyone else is too cross eyed from using theirs that they need a break”. My desktop computer bit the dust a year ago. We bought the kids laptops for Christmas last year and of course Ron has his laptop. The problem is that now the kids have gone to college and they had the nerve to take their laptops with them. And Ron is working on his PhD program and uses his almost constantly. Yes I have an iPhone and he let’s me use his iPad, which is just an iPhone with a bigger screen. But I don’t like blogging from those devices. So, I am getting a Mac laptop of some sort for Christmas. If Ron doesn’t get it for me then I will be going and getting it myself. So yeah……all of that is just a rant and has nothing whatsoever to do with what I actually wanted to blog about. If you made it through all of that, thanks for sticking around. I’m not too sure anyone else really listens to me when I vent these days. So I greatly appreciate your making it to the end of this paragraph.

Now, on with what I actually have on my mind. I’m going to assume that my children are too mortified to actually come to my blog much less read anything I might write for fear I might mention them. Little do they know that this entire blog – from day 1 – is all about them. So I feel safe in writing about what I’m troubled about these days. Have your children ever had a friend or friends that you did not like? And I’m not just talking about you didn’t like that they didn’t say “yes ma’am” or “no ma’am”. I’m talking about something about them just rubs you the wrong way. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you just feel deep in your spirit that they just aren’t a good match in the friend department for your child. Maybe you don’t like the way they treat other adults. Maybe they seem “fishy” to you. Maybe you get the feeling that they aren’t quite who they appear to be. Maybe they are completely the opposite of who you’ve taught your child to be. You have to wonder to yourself what attracted your child to this person in the first place.

That’s kind of where we are right now. Well, that’s kind of where we’ve been for a number of months now. I keep hoping this person will just kind of disappear off the radar and drift on to the next person. But this person is still hanging around. Every other friend our children have had has always had a great relationship with us. We are the kinds of parents who open our home to the kids and their friends. This was always the hang out spot. All through high school I’ve always tried to be available to their friends as a second mom – available for advice, a ride to a game, a meal if they were hungry, a hug if they needed one – just always available to them. While I may have only had two children I always had many more who called me mom. But this one kid has never made any effort to come around. That always seemed strange to me.

This child’s values are completely the opposite of ALL the values we’ve ever taught our children. I just cannot see the attraction. We’ve had numerous talks with our child explaining our concerns – firstly in a concerned manner and then each time more and more forcefully. It’s as if our warnings and concerns go in one ear and out the other. It’s like nothing we say really matters. Our child listens to us because they have to. They placate us with “we’re just friends”. And then things go right back to the way they’ve been for months. Ron and I firmly believe the warnings within our spirit about this kid and this relationship are from the Spirit. But our child is now an adult and we cannot make him/her do what we say. We have prayed – and continue to pray. We know at this point the Lord is the one who is gonna have to get the message across. We don’t know anything else we can do.

I think why I have shared this is to ask you, my readers, to partner with us in prayer that this bond will be broken. And to ask if you have any advice that we have not tried. But at this point we just covet your prayers! Thank you!

Do You Pray for Your Husband’s Priorities?

I am still participating in the 31 Days to Pray for my spouse. I realize I haven’t posted about it for a few days. I have still been praying. I’ll catch you up here on what topics I have been praying for Ron.
I'm Joining the 31DBBS Challenge

I prayed for his integrity, that he makes the right choices for himself and us, his relationships with everyone and today I pray for his priorities. Matthew 22:37 says to love the Lord with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.

Father, I pray that Ron would have a proper prioritization of his relationship with You. I pray that all other tasks, relationships, hobbies, and responsibilities would fall into a natural succession because he has the proper priority of You as being the center of his life. Help me to encourage him to spend time with You, even at the “momentary expense” of his focus on me.

Life is about relationship and a healthy life is about priorities. Our first and foremost priority should always be our relationship with God. It’s when we lose that focus that we start floundering. We start trying to please others. We start trying to be who we are not. We begin thinking more about ourselves – “why isn’t he spending time with ME” “doesn’t she understand how that makes ME feel” “Going to church takes too much of MY time” “Sunday mornings are the only time I have to sleep in”…you get the idea! But think of how it would be if we focus on our relationship with God first. We could be better spouses to one another. We’d certainly be less selfish. If we pray for our husbands to have his priorities in proper line we can be sure that God is leading him and he can properly lead his family.

Where are MY priorities? Do I make God number one on my list? Do I put myself above his will in my life? Do you? Do I make myself my own idol? The Bible says if I put ANYTHING ahead of God then it becomes my idol. And God is a jealous God. He wants and expects us to put him first. How else will we know what his will is for ourselves, our relationships and our families? We should all be praying that our husband’s priorities are in the correct order.

“We’ve Let Ourselves Down So Many Times That Now We’re Nearly Hopeless”

This entry is a continuation of quotes from Beth Moore’s book Get Out Of That Pit, which I am giving away here tonight at 7:00 p.m. There are just so many great points she makes in the book that I couldn’t get them all in one entry yesterday. So here is part 2. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be blessed and challenged as only God can do – through Beth. Just as yesterday’s post these quotes come directly from her book Get Out Of That Pit.

People can help us but they can’t heal us. People can lift us but they can’t carry us. On occasion people can pull us out of a pit, but they cannot keep us out. Nor can they set our feet upon a rock

Only God can change with us through the length and depth of our need.

He can see straight through {us}. He knows when we’re kidding others. He knows when we’re kidding ourselves. Knowing all we are, all we feel and all we hide, God overflows with love and willingness to deliver us.

Isaiah 30:18 – YEs the Lord longs to be gracious to you;..he rises to show you compassion.

IF you will take God up on what He offers so that you can live in victory, you will find thankfulness in your heart for every person who let you down. For ultimately, their failure set you up for this most ecstatic relationship you will ever experience.

Here’s the deal: God wants everything you’ve got. Uncontested priority. Every egg in one basket. All your weight on one limb. This very moment He has His fingers gripped on your chin saying “Right here, Child. Look right here. Don’t look right or left. Stare straight into My face. I am your Deliverer. There is none like Me.”

He alone must deliver you or you will never be free.

Spit out sins of pride. Nothing contributes more to the length of our stay in the pit. Pride is the number one reason why a person who knows better remains reluctant to cry out to God.

He initiates conversation through conviction, and we answer back through confession.

In our Christian circles, we constantly talk about putting our past behind us. That’s not good enough. It’s too easy for us to turn around and pick it up again. We want our past behind God’s back. That way we’ll have to go through God to get back to it.

For most of us who have failed over and over, our faith nearly disintegrated because somewhere along the way we confused faith in God with faith in ourselves. We’ve let ourselves down so many times that now we’re nearly hopeless.

On day s when you feel down, overwhelmed, or discouraged, get to your Scriptures and pray all the faster. On the days when you want to do it least, do it most. Be onto the enemy’s devices. He knows that if he can make you quit praying, he can make you stay in the pit. When the battle heats up, rest assured that you’re worrying your enemy, and he’s trying to distract or discredit you.

What you do, don’t quite. Show the enemy that if he messes with you, you’ll just call out God’s Word all the more. Nothing does him damage like the Sword of the Spirit {scripture}.

Nobody gets the right to keep you in a pit or to shame you for bailing…The healthier we get, the more we realize how unhealthy we were.

Don’t let the enemy tempt you into developing a prideful spirit because you are out {of the pit} and {someone else} is still in. Pride is the fastest track back.

WOW now that is some good stuff! I love how Beth just tells it like it is, don’t you? “Nobody has the right to keep you in a pit or shame you for bailing” – “We’ve let ourselves down so many times that now we’re nearly hopeless.” – “Nothing contributes more to the length of our stay in the pit {than pride”.” People can help us but they can’t heal us.” That last one was a lightbulb moment for me. God is everything we need in every situation. He is our deliverer. We just have to reach up and take his hand and allow him to pull us up.

If these two days of messages from Get Out Of That Pit has spoken to your spirit I would love to hear about it. If you have questions or needs please let me know. I know that this book will help you in ways you don’t even understand yet. If you feel a tug to check it out that is something within you telling you that there is a message for you here. Stop by and enter the giveaway. It ends tonight at 7:00 p.m. Follow your heart. I bought this book especially for someone for this week. I already had a copy but when I was walking around Lifeway the other day it jumped out at me. The Spirit was speaking to me and I felt I needed to buy it and give it away to someone. He has already picked out who it is going to. I am blessed to be the bridge between you and God through this book.

How Can I Pray For You?

While reading Tweets and blogs each day I come upon a lot of hurting people. When my friends hurt, I hurt. People all around us carry burdens and secret hurt. Most feel totally alone and can see no way through their pain. I feel a burden to help them. I feel a burden to tell them what Jesus can do for them. This is Easter weekend. I would like to offer my prayers to anyone who has a need. It may be for you. It may be for a family member who is hurting. It may be for a friend who is hurting. Please leave me a comment and tell me how I can pray for you right now. You may be carrying a heavy burden for someone who needs the peace of Christ in their life and you are hoping that this Easter they will find that. You may be wandering lost and searching for peace. Jesus hears us and answers us. He sacrificed immensely for us.

I want to help you bear your burden as Galatians 6:2 tells us to. Let me help. Let Jesus help. He gave himself. Please accept His gift and please accept His help. How can I pray for you this Easter season?

Why Should I Bother Praying?

I’ve had a million things running around in my head to write about lately.  I think for today my mind seems to be settling in on prayer.  It really is the easiest thing to do in our Christian life.  However, it is so difficult to get ourselves to do it.  At least it is with me.  I mean how hard is it to tell God how you feel?  How hard is it to tell Him how awesome He is?  How hard is it really to tell him what you need?  It’s just talking.  I know a lot of us who don’t have any problem whatsoever in the talking department. Continue reading

My Dad My Hero – Part 3

To be perfectly honest the next few months after my dad’s surgery are basically a blur.  I’ve been thinking about the order of things since I wrote the last entry and I’m having a hard time remembering the order of things. So, I am just gonna share some thoughts that have stuck with me during that time.

Right after I got home from the trip to Ohio mentioned in the previous entry I had to have foot surgery and was laid up.  I spent the time worried about my dad healing and wondering if the day would come that I would ever get out of my bed and back on two feet instead of one foot and two crutches.  There were a couple of other scares and hospital stays that revolved around his not being able to breathe.  The scariest time occurred following a midnight phone call from mom saying she had had to call 911 again because she couldn’t rouse him awake.  It wasn’t looking good.  He was on a ventilator and in ICU.  We packed in about 30 minutes – all 4 of us.  Thankfully, we have neighbors who stay up super late because we took Faith over to them at 3 a.m.  I spent the entire drive to Miami Valley Hospital praying and begging God not to take him till I could get there.  I needed to be with him.  I needed him to hear me say I loved him one more time.  If God intended to take him that night I desperately needed him to wait just 5 hours till I could get there.  Honestly, that was the scariest night of my life.  We had no definite answers and hadn’t had any expected outcomes actually work out like the doctors had told us they would.  But quite simply on that night I didn’t really care what was wrong for those few hours.  All I wanted was him to live!  I love him with every part of me.  He’s my Daddy.  And I wasn’t ready for him to leave me.

God heard my prayers and the friends all around the world who were praying thanks to those who were keeping others informed of how to pray.  I could never have rested any during that time without all of their prayers.  If you ever wonder if God is really listening I can assure you that He IS.  I can say that with absolute certainty because not only did my Daddy live but he is still alive and still kicking today.  The prayers of a righteous man brings results. And RESULTS is exactly what we got.

I was never so relieved in all my life as I was to finally arrive at the hospital and walk into that ICU room.  Even though I was also petrified at the same time to see him laying there with wires and machines and a ventilator breathing FOR him – I was relieved that they had saved him.  It wasn’t easy for him in those days. And it wasn’t easy for us to watch him suffer and become frustrated with that tube down his throat.  He hated that thing.  And we hated it FOR him but knew that without it he would be right back where he was before – gasping for breath.  It was determined that he would have to have a tracheostomy put in.  That was the one thing we had been trying to avoid.  He had that in for the next 6 or 8 weeks. (Again, my memory is not good for this period of time)

At some point in this process his doctor was performing another procedure when he noticed a growth of some sort BEHIND the voice box.  Noone had seen it before.  Noone was looking for it.  No one knew it was there.  However, if Dad had not had the trach in so they could “tube” him that way for this particular procedure it might have been missed.  The doctor cut it out and it appears to have been the cause of his breathing problems all this time.  It felt so good to have some answers.  You just can’t imagine the pain, grief, depression and agony my Dad had been thru all this time.  I’m forever grateful to God that my daddy was the man he was – a man of faith – a man of physical health – a man who loves his family enough to fight and endure all that he had endured hoping to eventually get to an answer.  Sure his hope wavered but we were all holding out hope FOR him.  We prayed and hoped that he would get to the other side.  What we didn’t know was that there was still another roadblock blocking him from seeing the other side.  And that was possibly the scariest roadblock of all.