Michael Is An Artist…Who Knew?!

Last night we went to Literary Night at the kids’ school, East Literature Magnet School. It was set up like a coffee house. The lights were low. The kids who were there to perform sat on the floor with pillows at the front with special lighting and low tables. And the audience was instructed to snap our fingers instead of clap. It was really pretty cool. But before the actual program began there was a silent auction with pieces of art that some of the students did in art classes. Michael had 4 pieces in the auction. Originally he took the Art 1 class because he thought it would be easy. He has really developed into quite an artist and he truly enjoys it. His teacher has put in a special request to approve him for Art 3 next year – skipping Art 2 completely because of his talent.

The first time I saw these I was shocked to think that my left brain analytical math and science lovin’ son could do this. I can’t draw a stick figure. So I’m really impressed. Needless to say we came home with all of these pieces because we bid so high on them. HA! Any money raised was split 50/50 with the student and the art department. I felt bad for the other students who didn’t get any bids. But there were about 200 pieces to bid on. I don’t like anyone to feel left out so I wanted to go around and bid on everything. But I held back and only bid on one other student’s drawing of a horse.

As you can see this Semi-Wordless Wednesday is rather wordy today. But that’s ok I’m a proud mama so it’s allowed. Come on over to the SWW site and share your pictures as well.

The Family That Plays Together….

In trying to choose my picture for Semi-Wordless Wednesday I decided I couldn’t choose just one. Last year we got some professional pictures made. I’ve been wanting to share them. You see one of them every time you come here. The header is one of our pictures. Here are a few others:

Those three make up my heart!

My sweetie!

Time for a smooch

My goofballs!

Being serious for a second

Had to have one with Faith

This is just a few of the pictures with these outfits. We had a change of clothes with us. I will share those maybe next week. All of these were taken at Centennial Park in the downtown area of Nashville. It is beautiful there.

Now I’m gonna hop over to Flip Flops & Pearls blog to check out more Semi-Wordless Wednesday posts. Join me?





Ok, not exactly! But I was next to the American Idol Promo bus yesterday in downtown Nashville. That’s about as close as I will ever get. So I’ll take it!

It was cool. Lauren wasn’t so excited for me to drive around searching for it but I secretly think she thought it was cool. I know I did.

3 in 30 Proof

In trying to decide what picture to post for Semi-Wordless Wednesday I thought it would be appropriate to take a picture of my washer/dryer. I mean, wouldn’t you? Who doesn’t enjoy taking pictures of their washer/dryer? Actually the reason I decided on that picture has to do with my 3 in 30 post from yesterday. One of my goals for the month is to do at least one load of laundry each day of the month in order to help me stay caught up with that nemesis, laundry! So, here is proof that so far I am on track with that goal!

See the lights on each one - WORKING!

Yay me!!!!!!!  Now I need to work on some reading and studying! Those are next on my list!

Greetings From Spare-Oom

A Touch of Snow

While driving to pick up Michael’s girlfriend, Hannah, this afternoon I was just struck with the beauty of the snow on the trees. It felt like I was in Narnia. Snow is troublesome and aggravating to deal with at times. But it is just breathtaking at the same time. I kept imagining myself wandering through the wardrobe and stumbling into a forest of beautiful snow covered trees in a world different than our own. I wondered where the lamppost was and if I would meet up with Mr. Tumnus. It was just glorious all around. So, I had to stop to take this picture. Had I seen Mr. Tumnus I would have greeted him with a gentle handshake and told him I was from the land of Spare-Oom just on the other side of the wardrobe.

Uncommon Friends

I have decided to go with Semi-Wordless Wednesday because it’s just impossible for me to be completely wordless.  Thank you Flip Flops & Pearls. However, I learned too late that there is a theme each week.  So, I am posting these today because this is what I had in mind to share.  Next week I will actually get on track with the theme.

This entry will also count as my Friends post today for NaBloPoMo because it is pictures of strange friends.  Yesterday I wrote about Biskit & Chewey’s unfriendly friendship.  Last night I happened upon a beautiful sight. They were both in the same place at the same time.  Biskit didn’t know about it till later at which point she promptly took off hissing with her ears flat on her head.  They each sat there for a long time though before Biskit figured it out.  Of course Chewey was unphased.  He was quite proud of the fact that he could pull one over on the old girl!

This next group of pictures are of a swarm that overtook our backyard this morning.  Honestly it really creeped me out!  I hate these big bully black birds in the first place because they are just that – BULLIES!  This was especially disturbing though.  I remember that movie from long ago called The Birds.  My Mamaw let me watch it with her.  She was ON the bed and I was laying UNDER the bed.

Are they creepy or what?!?!