Sunday In My City (House)

My kids went on a weekend retreat with their youth group this weekend. They got home about 2:00 this afternoon. This is what has been happening in my house since then:

Lauren and Chewey sacked out on the futon

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Babies and Cardinals

I have been sitting outside enjoying my birthday present a lot since it has warmed up.In case you missed it, my birthday present is a table/chair set for the patio. This week I’ve started paying more attention to the birds in my yard. I’ve been seeing the same bird hanging around the caboose birdhouse my dad made me. I got pictures of him/her and posted them last week I think. I’ve been seeing a red bird hanging out for a couple of weeks. I’ve been patiently waiting for him/her to get close enough for me to get a good picture. Yesterday it did.

So vibrant!

I kind of like it because it is a Cardinal. The Cardinal is the Ohio State Bird. I am from Ohio. It’s a little bit like my childhood in my backyard.

He has a wing of a Cicada in his mouth. If you look on the leaf in the upper left corner you can see the exoskeleton of a cicada.

I’m hoping he is collecting for his nest close by. I would love to have a nest of baby cardinals in my yard. I think I would even shed a tear.

He's so beautiful!

Ahhhh and you can see more cicadas in this picture. Nasty things!!

So after I got these pictures and he flew away I went back to reading. When I looked back up again I noticed a bird sitting on the ground by this same tree. I kept looking but he wasn’t going anywhere and was a little wobbly. I tried to get a picture from where I was sitting but I couldn’t get a good shot. I started thinking it might be a baby bird. So I went closer with my camera. Here is what I saw.

Poor sweet little baby. He was just chirping up a storm.

Eyes not even opened yet!

I wanted to help him. But I know his mama and daddy were close by. I went back to where I was and watched him. He eventually figured out how to hop. He would flutter his wings but couldn’t do anything with them. I’m afraid to go out there to look this morning. We have squirrels and rabbits all over our yard. I hope he figured out how to fly or that his mama or daddy came and took him back to his nest. I didn’t see his nest or I would have tried to help him back in myself. He didn’t come out of the birdhouse though. No babies in there yet.

I’m really starting to enjoy my little feathered friends. But I’m not sure when I got so old that I enjoy birdwatching. Anyway, I thought this might be a good entry for Sundays in my City – even though it was Saturday.

Sundays In My City – Color, Naps and Pure Beauty

Today’s Sundays In My City entry is of picture of the great outdoors in Nashville in the last week. What a glorious week it has been! Unseasonably warm, sunny and green. It’s been a perfect week for things to grow. It was dry all week. But then Thursday and Friday we got a bit of rain to water everything so it could fill with even more color and vibrancy. Here are just a few examples:

Dad brought me a replacement caboose last week to replace the one that got damaged in the storm a few weeks ago. It took the birds just a few hours to discover this replacement.

My recent flower collection from my sweet man!

I have no idea what this flower is but I bought it for my spring collection. This is what it looks like before the full bloom...

...this is what it looks like after it opens up.

One of my other new spring flowers...again...forgot the name of them.

And the yellow version...

And of course Sunday wouldn't be complete without a nap

A then one of Lauren just because she looked exceptionally beautiful this day!

A Beautiful Sunday With My Parents/Family In Pictures

So my Mother’s Day gift this year is a new HD Digital Camera. It is a Panasonic Lumix HD DMC-ZS7. The pictures it takes are amazing!! The only drawback is that I have to do it old school by loading the pictures onto the computer and then putting them on my blog or post them to twitter. HAHA How old school! I just got really spoiled sending them straight from my cell phone. But the HD quality of these pictures is amazing. I just wanted to share a few with you.

Faith collapsed in the sunshine this morning for a nap.

Michael and Hannah at dinner

The kids with my parents at lunch today

Prettiest girl on the soccer field

Three generations of girls

Me with my parents this morning

Michael in action in his game yesterday

My parents

Just a few of the 240 pictures on my new camera. So proud to have my parents here this weekend. Time to take my Mom shopping for a bit now. Thanks for coming by so I can show off the cool pictures from my new camera. There will be plenty more to come. I even have next Friday’s Skywatch Friday picture already chosen and ready. For now this has been Sunday in my City! Jump over to Mami’s blog and share Sunday in your city!

Easter Sunday Sky In My City

While I was outside this morning setting my flowers/plants off the porch so they could get some rain today this is the sky I saw. Kinda creepy!

I think it's gonna rain a little

It is Easter Sunday and I think maybe Satan is a little mad that Jesus is Risen!!!!! HA!

So this is Sunday in my City of Nashville today. I am hoping to get some more pictures today. We are going for Easter dinner at some friends’ house. Looking forward to that! Expecting a big crowd at The Donelson Fellowship today. Hoping you are planning to make it to celebrate the Resurrection Day of Christ at church as well.

What is it like in your city today? Jump over to Mami’s blog and share!

Sunday In My city

Next Sunday is my birthday. I don’t mind telling you that I will be 44. I have enjoyed my 40s a LOT!! And I am proud to say I am going to be 44 in one week. The birthday fairy (my husband) came yesterday though. I have wanted a table/chair/umbrella patio set since before our house was even finished being built 5 years ago. I bought something special for my future patio table before the house even had walls. This year I asked for a set for my birthday. And THIS is what I got!

The umbrella is still in the garage. Ron and Michael finished putting the set together WAY after dark last night. And it has been SUPER windy today so there really isn’t any need to put the umbrella on it yet. So, it’s not completely put together yet. But I love it! The next thing on my wish list is an outdoor fire pit. Then we can turn the chairs around and enjoy a fire.

After driving all over creation looking for a prom dress today (which we did NOT find) I came back and this was my view for a couple of hours:

I sat at my table outside in the fresh air and sunshine and read my book. That was my Sunday in my City! It was wonderful.

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Sundays In My City

This week’s Sundays In My City pictures were taken during a family photo shoot at Centennial Park on West End. If you know anything about Nashville then you are, no doubt, familiar with Centennial Park. You can visit the link to learn about the park or you can read this description that I copied straight from the main page at the link. It is an excellent description.

Centennial Park is Nashville’s premier park. Located on West End and 25th Avenue North, the 132-acre features: the iconic Parthenon, a one-mile walking trail, Lake Watauga, the Centennial Art Center, historical monuments, an arts activity center, a beautiful sunken garden, a band shell, an events shelter, sand volleyball courts, two dog parks, and an exercise trail. Thousands of people visit the park each year to visit the museum, see exhibits, attend festivals, and just enjoy the beauty of the park.

We had a professional photo shoot done. I have posted some of those pictures previously. But the ones  I am sharing today feature some of the park features.

Jumping off the Parthenon steps

Family at one of the many playgrounds at Centennial Park

Most of these pictures are on Ron’s laptop (with him on an airplane somewhere between Charlotte and Chicago at this moment) but this is just sort of an introduction to Centennial Park in Nashville.

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