Sweet Shots From JH

Today I thought I would post a few pictures Lauren took while at JH Ranch last week. I won’t post all 300 of them. I mostly just wanted you to see the amazing location she was at in northern California.


JH Ranch horses running

This is the "Big Top" where they had services each night

Their team

They had to go out hiking and camping in the wilderness. They were supposed to stay two nights. But it rained from the time they got there, all through the first night and most of the next day. So, they left early and headed back to camp. These next few pictures will be ones taken on that trip.

Looking down on the camp

On the top


High enough in the mountains that there is still snow on the ground

But she hiked it anyway - tank top, shorts and tennis shoes

Camp site - 5 to a tent - because it rained all night they all woke up wet with their things wet as well - MISERABLE

Lauren and her camp bestie, Casey. She lived in Birmingham. So we will be seeing more of them.

They did amazing things and had amazing experiences. This has changed Lauren! You know how you always felt so good and on fire after church camp? Yeah – that!

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Pampered Pets

Faith finally got a hair cut today. Actually the more appropriate word would be SHAVE. In the summer I get her shaved. She is part Shih-Tzu/Terrier but thankfully she doesn’t have the floor length hair part of the Shih-Tzu. Unfortunately she has the shaggy looking terrier hair part. In the winter I let her hair grow out for warmth. But I really can’t stand it long. It gets all knotted and she just looks messy. Finally, though, spring is here and it’s shaving time. So today’s Sweet Shot Tuesday are pictures of Faith. First of all, here is a picture of the TERRIFIC place we take her. If you live in Nashville you can’t go wrong with Pampered Pets in Donelson.

Pampered Pets in Donelson

It’s kind of located in a country setting in the back of a subdivision off of Lebanon Rd. They take such sweet care of Faith. They just love her. And she loves them and the love they give her. She gets plenty of loves, hugs and kisses every single time.

Here is her sweet little self after her grooming visit:

If you are in this area and looking for a good second home for your little one for boarding or for grooming then Pampered Pets is your spot! I can’t recommend them highly enough for lots of love and attention!

Back Where He Belongs

Today is Sweet Shot Tuesday. (Head over to Darcy’s blog to share your own sweet shots and find other’s as well.) As you know if you have spent any time here at The Journey Leads Home I am snap happy with my cell phone camera. It doesn’t even have to be something that is happening right in front of me. I will take a picture of something on the computer or on the TV – doesn’t matter. So this weekend I put a DVD into the laptop. It was of my dad preaching. What’s so special about that? Well my dad has been a preacher/teacher/sing since I was very young. I really don’t remember a time that he wasn’t one. He developed a virus that attacked his vocal chords which took his voice. He would have surgery to remove the growths that would grow and then he would be fine again for a while till they would grow back obstructing his ability to talk. Last March during a surgery his doctor found a suspicious spot which turned out to be Laryngeal Cancer. It was the most traumatic experience our family had been through. The months leading up to this discovery were torturous and heart wrenching. He had surgery to remove his entire voice box and a prosthetic voice box was put in. It was a long hard battle to learn to breath and talk again. But a couple of weeks ago he preached his first sermon back in he and mom’s home church. He has to go a little slower. But his heart and mind are still full of the power of the Spirit and love of the Lord. So today’s sweet shot is a picture of him back in a pulpit where he knows God has called him to be. Who knows what else God has in store for his life. But he certainly isn’t done with him.

Back in the Pulpit to Share a Word from God

I have written a series about my dad’s struggle. It is multiple entries about the walk we all took through the scariest experience of our lives. You can search on this blog for “My Dad My Hero” to find the series. My dad also writes a column here in his own category titled A Message From My Dad. You can search this blog for “A Message From My Dad” to find all of his articles. His articles post every Sunday morning here. He writes about things that he has learned through the Word and through his experience with cancer.

My dad is truly my hero. His spirit has remained faithful and he has fought hard and he is back! Seeing him standing in that pulpit again proves it. He is such a blessing and such an example to me to not give up, not even when it’s hard and you really want to.

Sweet Little Lacy

Hello my name is Lacy!

Today’s Sweet Shot Tuesday entry is about my Uncle’s dog, Lacy. She is a Yorkshire Terrior and is spoiled and sweet all at the same time!

What's in there, Aunt Judi?

She likes to look for gum in women’s purses! See her trying to get her nose in mom’s purse?

I need some lipstick on too, Aunt Judi!

Are you gonna drop anything? I'll clean it up if you do!

I wanna help make pizzas too!

See how pretty I am!

This is my daddy - Pam's Uncle Gary!

She is just the sweetest thing!! She and Faith are both spoiled about the same! Isn’t that what a dog is for?

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A Sweet Shot

A couple of months ago Ron bought Faith a new bed. The problem was that she wouldn’t use it. The cats, however, are quite fond of it. So it is not going to waste. So yesterday I decided to buy her a new bed. The original bed that she had suddenly became Biskit’s litter box when we first got Chewey. I know it’s gross. I wasn’t particularly excited about it when I discovered it myself. So while I was in the doggie aisle getting Faith’s food at Target yesterday I noticed this adorable little bed. I thought it would be just the right size. It ended up being a little too small. But when she curls up in her sleeping ball (heehee) it’s a good fit. I showed it to her when I first got home. She gave it a good sniffing. I put it in various places around the living room. And I talked about it with her all afternoon. I would take her over to it and sit her down in it. Of course she would automatically jump right back out. So this morning I noticed she was curled up on a blanket on the couch (at least it wasn’t my clean laundry – UGH). I thought this would be a good time to take advantage of the sleepies….so I folded up the blankets and put them away and moved the bed up on the couch in the exact same spot. I was pleased to see that she jumped right in it. And she was positively the cutest thing ever. See for yourself!

Mommy, this is not a good time for a photo shoot......

Isn’t she just precious? Her adorableness is just too much for me to handle sometimes! And I’m thankful that she likes her new bed. I should note here that a couple of hours after this picture was taken she went out for a potty break. When she came back inside she jumped right back up on the couch and hopped back in the bed. SCORE!!!!

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He’s a Lucky Man

Today is Sweet Shot Tuesday.  I got a number of sweet shots for this past week.  I think my fav for the week is from last night. Ron and I went out for Valentine’s Day. We went to Panera Bread. We didn’t want to wait forever for a table at any restaurant and thought Panera would be a good option. It was. IT was pretty much empty. And we took Lauren with us.  You know you’ve been married for a long time when you don’t mind taking your teenage daughter with you on your Valentine’s date.  After dinner Ron wanted to get a picture of his favorite Valentines.

Me and My "baby"

It’s such a good picture of Lauren. She just got her hair done on Saturday. The highlights are perfect. It’s hard to believe my baby will be 16 next week. I treasure every picture she wants to take with me. She will be gone too soon.  Ron is a lucky man to have such beautiful valentines this year. HA!