Thirteen Qualities of a True Friend

I haven’t done a Thursday Thirteen list in a while. So I thought I might incorporate today’s NaBloPoMo entry with my Thursday Thirteen entry.  So, here are 13 qualities a true friend should exhibit:

1.  Sincere concern about the other

2.  Unconditional love

3.  Laugh at each other’s jokes

4.  Willingness to be open

5.  Regular prayer

6.  Sincere concern for the other’s well being

7.  Honesty

8.  Tell each other if their slip is showing

9.  Effort to make time for one another

10. Make sacrifices for each other

11. Listen to their complaints

12. Buy good presents

13. Be a sounding board

Thirteen Things I Should No Longer Eat That I Actually Love

I haven’t done Thursday Thirteen in a while.  I thought I would do it this week.  But as is my pattern I have no idea what list of 13 things I will make.  Here I am a couple of sentences away from the actual list and I still have nothing………..hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm.  How about a list of Thirteen Things I Should No Longer Eat That I Actually Love?  Yeah, let’s go with that.  See how I just work off the top of my head!  I mean who would actually give serious thought to a list and come up with that with any considerable amount of serious thought? Continue reading

Thursday Thirteen – The Journey to Health

It’s been a while since I have done a Thursday Thirteen list.  I figure it’s about time to get back to normal – well, as normal as I can get.  I’m a little on the odd side.  I admit it.  You, however, canNOT refer to me in the way.  You can only refer to me as fabulous, beautiful and perfectly normal! Got it?  Good! Continue reading

What Are Your Family Members Thankful For?

This year on Thanksgiving I asked my family members to give me their Thursday Thirteen list of things they are thankful for.  Here are their lists:

Ron –

1 – God’s grace
2 – my family
3 – my wife’s love
4 – those special moments with my wife Continue reading

A Reason To Be Thankful

Obviously my Thursday Thirteen things this week will be Thirteen things I am thankful for – probably along with every other participant this week.

1.  My dad is cancer free and alive!

2.  Getting to see all of my family in Ohio this year

3.  Finally out of my months long fibro flare

4.  An amazing husband

5.  The greatest kids

6.  The sweetest pets

7.  A safe home to live in

8.  A husband with a good job

9.  Everything our family needs to live a comfortable life

10.  My salvation

11.  The presence of Christ in my life

12.  Fab friends

13.  The greatest church in Nashville – The Donelson Fellowship

Thursday Thirteen – Cruising the Ocean Blue

Since we are cruising this week it seems only natural that my Thursday Thirteen list be something to do with cruising.  So here it is – Thirteen things I love about cruising:

1.  Being rocked to sleep every night

2.  The food at every turn – for FREE

3.  Not being able to have any contact with the “real” world

4.  You’re on vacation but someone else does all the driving

5.  You get to see parts of the world you would probably never see otherwise

6.  Being able to exercise with the beauty of the ocean all around you

7.  There’s no checking in and checking out of a hotel every time you want to change locations

8.  Those cute little animals that visit your room every day

9.  Being waited on hand and foot

10.  Free ice cream whenever you want it

11.  Lounging by the pool anytime you want

12.  Going to a “show” every night for FREE

13.  Being with the people you love most in the world without interruption from the outside world

Thursday Thirteen – Gonna Be A Busy Girl

It’s Thursday!  That means it’s time for Thursday Thirteen!  This week I am going to share the top 13 things I would like to do in the next year…November 2010-November 2011.

1.  Win one of the hundreds of giveaways I enter each week around this here cyber-blog-world

2.  Get out of this never ending Fibro flare

3.  Buy a Coach purse

4.  Help my children get their GPAs up SO WE CAN GET GOOD SCHOLARSHIPS FOR COLLEGE

5.  Complete and be approved for disability

6.  Rejoin the choir at church – this would have to occur after #2 is achieved

7.  Go to the beach as many times as possible

8.  Hear my Daddy preach his first sermon post-cancer

9.  Not miss any of my kids’ soccer games over the next year

10. Start losing weight again

11. Get a 3rd vehicle

12. Start offering occasional giveaways here on my blog

13. Visit lots of colleges with the kids so they can check them out.