The Greatest Top Ten

My Top Ten Tuesday entry today is a little late today. I’ve been sleeping a lot today. This sleeping all day thing is killing me. I feel like a baby who has her days and nights mixed up. But I’ve known all day what I wanted to share for TTT. I just needed some energy to work on it. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to share some of the great new blogs I discovered during the Ultimate Blog Party last week. So, I’m gonna share a little bit about the blog owner and her blog. But I can guarantee you that if they make it into this list and to my blog sidebar then they are good. And there will be even more that I haven’t even gotten to yet. So more to come!

1. Mending Hope – This is Hope’s blog where she shares her heart along with support and encouragement for those seeking hope for their wounded spirit.

2. Momma Kristi – Her blog is full of things that she learns and shares from her Bible studies. And she is participating in a wonderful hop of praying for her boys for 21 days TEN TIMES A DAY! What a challenge and what a blessing.

3. Vanderbilt Wife – Jessie is a fellow TN blogger who used to live in my beautiful city. Let me tell you if you want some good recipes then Jessie’s blog is the one to hit up. Yummmmmm

4. I’m A Lazy Mom – This is Stacey’s blog and I have to say she is hilarious!! I have my funny moments but I’m gonna be visiting her for inspiration from now on. If you need a laugh then you need to meet the Lazy Mom and their Lazy fam.

5. Twenty 6 – This blog is written by two friends who don’t even live near each other. That alone draws me to it. And they have an awesome etsy shop with adorable goodies.

6. Sweet Jeanette – For some reason I was super drawn to foodie blogs during the party last week. Jeanette has a yummy blog too. Recipes and pictures to make me drool. But she adds some stories in with her recipes. Now that is a fun read!

7. Life of a Home Mom – Elizabeth’s blog is full of everything – contests, weight loss, kids – in general – LIFE! What you probably deal with in your home every day.

8. The Cupcake Sprinkles In Life – Rachel’s blog is about family togetherness and outreach. If you wanna do things that bring your family closer to one another her blog will give you ideas on how to do that.

9. The Journey – Stephanie has a wonderful blog. She is a mother who battles MS with one child with Asperger’s. Yet the sweet grace of her entries are a blessing.

10. Oh Amanda – And of course the host of Top Ten Tuesday was a sweet surprise. She’s a reader, she loves reality TV and she has a MAC! Oh my word – SHE IS ME!!!!!

There you have them! My Top Ten list for this week. Checking out those blogs should keep you busy till next week’s list. And of course jumping over to Amanda’s blog and read the other links for Top Ten Tuesday.

Get hoppin’!!!!



Final Door Prize…Feminine Appeal

It’s hard to believe that today is the end of the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. Where has the week gone? WOW! But what a fun week it has been. I had plans for the week that never panned out because I ether felt too bad or just ran out of time. Let’s go with the second one. Today is the final giveaway for the party week as well.

Today’s door prize gift is a book title Feminine Appeal – Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother by Carolyn Mahaney. It is also signed by the author. The chapters are about Loving your husband and your children, Self-Control, Purity, Working at Home, Kindness and Submission – all topics written according to Titus 2.

As a Christian wife and mother, following the Bible directives on how to accomplish my roles according to His instructions. This is an easy read with just 138 pages. It would be a terrific guide for a women’s Bible study.

Today’s entry requirements are:

*Leave a comment telling me the best book you have read (other than the Bible).

*Leave me a comment telling me about your favorite new blog you have discovered via the Ultimate Blop Party 2011 if you have participated.

*Tweet/FB this giveaway then come leave me a comment telling me you have done so.

I have truly enjoyed hosting these giveaways this week. It has been fun to offer you a prize. My plan is to eventually visit each of your blogs so you don’t feel like you have left comments in nothing-ville. I feel that way a lot. I have refrained from comments during these giveaway entries because it would mess with the comment counts. As with the other giveaways this week. This one will end at 9:00 CST.

I will be working on getting these packages ready to send on Monday. Again, thanks for visiting and playing along. I enjoyed celebrating with you.

How Much Time Do You Spend As Family Time? This Door Prize Will Help!

How often does your family spend together bonding with one another each week? I know it is difficult to get everyone together in the same place at the same time. But there really isn’t anything more important as a parent than putting all else aside to spend time together with your family talking and laughing and focusing on them and only them. Those are the times that your children are gonna remember when they are grown. Well, those are the POSITIVE things they are gonna remember. When your children are adults do you want them to remember you as a parent who liked you and enjoyed being with you – a fun parent who made time for his/her family? Of course you do! None of us want our children to look back on our parenting skills and think “she/he was always working and was rarely home for family time” or as a parent who always “complained about having to take time off from work (even if it’s not work hours) to go to our sporting events/school or church activities”. Our families (whether we are the mom or the dad) should be our number one concern. Whether we realize it or not we are teaching our children how to be parents to their own children some day. When that day comes for them we should all want our children to say that we were a great example of how to be a mother/father. None of us want to think about the possibility of them saying they don’t want to be like us. Are you parenting in such a way that makes them proud to call you their mom/dad? Do you think they say positive things about you behind your back or negative things? It should matter to you! And if you think they are saying negative things it should be a warning to you that something needs to change in your method.

Parenting is time consuming and is a full time job – whether you work away from home or are a stay at home parent. And growing up is hard. Our responsibility as parents is to teach our children how to be a positive contributing member of society as adults. That takes TIME! Time with our children (and our spouse for that matter but that’s not what this is about today) speaks the language of love to them. Our children don’t care about all the work that’s piling up on your desk at the office. They care about the sacrifices you make in order to spend time with them. And as a side note the time you spend with them doesn’t mean a hill of beans if the whole time you are with them you are complaining about being there, talking on the phone or keep checking your email. All of those just act to negate the positive you think you are accomplishing by showing up.

Some of the best ways to spend quality time with your family is something that our family really enjoys – GAME NIGHT!! That brings me to today’s Ultimate Blog Party giveaway.


Think of the lesson you teach them when you play a game. You are teaching teamwork, being a gracious winner and/or being a good loser. And with a game like Monopoly you are teaching them how the financial world works as well. All of that while you are showing them how important they are to you and how to be a caring and loving parent. And each of those lessons are extremely important but the greatest lesson of all is that THEY are more important to you than the work piled high on your desk or your own “me” time with friends.

It all makes you think! At least it makes me think…..

The requirements for entering to win this quality family time in a box are:

*Leave a comment telling me about an experience you had as a child where your parent/s communicated their love for you via family time – perhaps even through a game

*Leave a comment telling me about your family’s favorite family-time activity – perhaps your favorite game to play together

*Leave a comment telling me your personal favorite game (mine is a dice game called Zilch)

*RT/Facebook/Stumble this giveaway and leave me a comment with a link to your tweet/FB/Stumble so I can see it too.

Keep in mind that the more of the above you complete and comment about the more entries you will have for the contest. So leave separate comments for each one. I will be mailing out this week’s party prizes all together on Monday April 11th. Today’s giveaway will end at 9:00 p.m. tonight. Watch for a post announcing the winner about 9:30 tonight. Good luck!

Make sure you INK in some QUALITY family time soon. Your children need it – and so do you!

A Double Door Prize Up For Grabs Today

Today’s Ultimate Blog Party Door Prize is a twin pack of devotional books. In The Garden With God and Sunset With God. A daily quiet time with the Lord is so very important in our Christian lives. We need to talk to Him by prayer every day. And we need to listen to Him every day as well. One of the ways that He speaks to us is through the reading of His word. But another way we can hear from him is through the reading of other books such as devotional books – such as these two. He blesses some people with the gift of writing in such a way that their words reach out and touch us in such a real way that it’s almost as if we believe the words were written specifically for us. I don’t know if you have ever read a book and a particular part just jumped right off the page and nearly smacked you in the face. You may have even felt as if that particular section was written JUST for you. This happens to me a lot. Those are ways the Lord speaks to us.

Just thinking about the Lord “speaking” to us may seem foreign to some of you because when we think of someone speaking to us our mind immediately goes to an audible word spoken from one person to another. However, God doesn’t have to work like that. He can choose so many other means to get a message to us. Devotional books are one of those ways. I have books on my shelves that the Lord has used to answer questions, given me advice, brought me a blessing or even answered a prayer. You just never know where a message of the Lord is going to come from.

Each of these books are full of easy to read and short words from God. They may just hold the answer to some of your questions, problems or prayers. I wish I had a set to give to everyone. However, I only have this one set.

Today’s requirements to qualify will be a little different than those of the past few days. Remember, each comment you leave is another chance to win.

*Leave me a comment telling me when the Lord has “spoken” to you about something.

*Leave me a comment telling me about a time the Lord has used a certain BOOK to “speak” to you other than the Bible.

*Leave me a comment telling me about the author that God has most used to bless you in some way.

*Leave me a comment telling me where I can find you on the internet – Twitter, Blog, 365Project, Facebook – wherever.

*Retweet or Facebook this giveaway – leaving me a comment telling me you have done so with a link to where I can see it. (worth 3 entries)

If you do ALL of those then you will have 7 (SEVEN) chances to win!!!!!

In turn I will pray for each person who leaves a comment today. I will pray that the Lord will reveal himself to you and speak to your spirit in some way today. I trust that the Lord will place these books into the right hands of the one who needs them most.

The contest will run until 9:00 p.m. CST tonight. Any prizes won this week will be mailed next Monday April 11th so I only have to make one trip to the post office.

Happy Tuesday!!

Another Giveaway – More FREE Jewelry

Is it possible that today is the halfway point through the Ultimate Blog Party? WOW!! I have so many good things to give away! Today’s giveaway is another piece of Premier Designs jewelry. It is so beautiful! It’s called Strings of Love. Like yesterday this giveaway will run from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. That’s 12 hours to enter. But don’t wait too long. Before you know it the day will be over. And you definitely don’t wanna miss out on this!

I am enjoying this party week so much because I am meeting some great new people – like YOU. And I’m finding so many terrific new blogs to read – like YOURS. If you look in my right sidebar you will find some new blog buttons – one of them might be YOURS.

If this is your first visit to my blog, where have you been? This is where it’s happenin’! This is the place to be. This is the party with the cool door prizes. But there are also a LOT more terrific stop to make on the party circuit. Make a quick run over the 5 Minutes for Mom and check out the Ultimate Blog Party entry. You will find hundreds of blogs to visit.

Today’s requirements will be a little different than the previous days requirements. Gonna shake it up a little bit.

1 – Follow me on Twitter if you don’t already – leave me a comment letting me know

2 – Subscribe to my blog via email (left sidebar) or via RSS feed (bottom of right sidebar). Be sure to leave me a comment telling me.

3 – Because today’s jewelry is called Strings of Love leave me a comment and tell me what you love most about each of the members of your family

4 – Leave me a comment using each of the letters that spell LOVE to describe YOURSELF. For example, here is mine: Lovely (from Ron) Obnoxious (from Lauren) Vital (from Ron) Extraordinary (from Michael). Your family members don’t have to give you the words but mine were here so I got their help. Yeah, uh, as for Lauren, she’s pretty obnoxious herself – so there! 😛

Have fun with this one! Good luck! Wonder what tomorrow’s door prize will be……….

Time For The First Door Prize

You have found yourself at the first official door prize entry here at The Journey Leads Home. And you have picked a good one! I have selected one item for each day of the party to give away as door prizes. You’ll be glad you made at stop at THIS particular party for the Ultimate Blog Party 2011! I love to give away good stuff! And I have a feeling a lot of you enjoy winning good stuff. You ready to see the prize?

Premier Designs Bracelet


It is a 7 inch Premier Designs bracelet. I wish I could remember the name of it. Maybe someone out there knows. I knew I would forget. Anyway, it’s so beautiful. When I thought of all of you I just knew someone would love it. I knew it had to be my first giveaway. Here’s what you need to do:

*Follow me on Twitter and leave me a comment that you are – if you already follow me just leave a comment saying that you do – and your name so I can follow  back

*Tweet or FB this giveaway and leave me a comment telling me you have done so

*Sign up to receive email notification of updates from my blog – you can find that option in the left sidebar on this page – leave me a comment telling me you have done so

*Leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can return the visit

That gives you 4 opportunities to enter for the door prize. The more comments you leave the better your chance of winning. I will choose a winner by 6:00 tomorrow evening from the comments left. However, because I am doing so many giveaways this week I will not be mailing out any prizes until Monday April 11th. That way I can mail them all at once and only have to make one trip to the post office.

Good luck! And happy partying!!

Welcome to the Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

WELCOME TO THE PARTY!!!!!!! Today is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 over at 5 Minutes For Mom. The Journey Leads Home is just one stop on the party tour. There are lots of stops to make on the tour. Click on the party banner above and you can find links to a number of other blogs participating over the next 8 days.

You will find lots of surprises during the party here. You will find PRIZES, party favors, party music, recipes for yummy party treats and maybe even a video or two. Come by each day to see what you will find – you just don’t know until you show up! There’s no need to dress up for this party. This is a blogging party so the best attire for blogging is your jammies. You may even be asked about your jammies one day to qualify to win a door PRIZE! You just don’t know till you get here. You may be asked to share your favorite party food or your favorite party game. We’ll make it a fun party every day!

Some of the door PRIZES you might win here during the party will be GAMES, BOOKS, JEWELRY, SURPRISES….You may be asked to do certain things to enter the contests. One day you may be asked to stand on your head or jump through a hoop of fire. But I promise the PRIZES will be worth the effort and the danger.

Now let’s start by getting acquainted! My name is Pam. You have arrived at a blog about the journey of my life with a traveling CEO husband, two teenage soccer “stars”, a spoiled dog and two cats who hate each other, a disease that has taken control of my body and my mind but not my spirit. I have Fibromyalgia and fight depression/anxiety. I’m a Christian soccer mom whose career is my family and our home. I am 43 years old. I’m originally from Ohio but spent 11 years in Florida after we got married. We now live in Nashville Tennessee. I enjoy reading, blogging, watching TV (especially reality TV), texting, pampering myself, laughing with my family, spoiling my dog, knitting, watching my kids play soccer, spending time with my friends, worshiping God and shopping. I am currently on Twitter and hope to be back on Facebook by the end of the summer.

Here we are

I look forward to partying with you in the days ahead! Sometime between now and Sunday night I will be giving away the first of many door PRIZES. I know you don’t wanna miss out on that! I think you will like it. Are you ready to stand on your head? How about jumping through a hoop of fire? It’ll be worth it, I promise!

Till next time – Happy Partying!!!