The Weight Is Falling Away

I am currently 3 pounds away from losing 40 pounds. Huh? Did you not catch that? I’ll say it just a little bit louder for you.


Did you catch it that time? I thought you might. I have never in my life ever lost this much weight. I’m really kind of afraid to say it out loud – know what I mean? I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you here because it all plays into my goals. When I originally started losing weight in June I really didn’t have a specific goal in mind. I just knew I didn’t want to weigh what I was anymore. My scale said I weighed 232. And I knew that was too much.



Yep – that was me at 232 pounds. Interestingly enough I never really thought I looked that big. But whatever – that’s what the scale said. So after the kids’ graduation in May I decided it was time to get busy. I work with Advocare and we have a trim line so I decided I would order everything in our trim line, change the way I eat and start exercising. So that’s what I did. The weight started dropping off. I started dropping about 5 pounds a month. I also asked my doctor to change any medications I was on that caused weight gain. She was all for it.

By the time August rolled around and we took the kids to college I had lost down to 209. Not done yet but still pleased and very motivated to keep on going.



I’m getting there! I’ve continued what I’ve been doing. But for the last 6 months I’ve been pretty much stuck within spittin’ distance of 200 pounds. My first goal was to get below the 200 mark on the scale. I haven’t been below 200 since before I was pregnant with Michael in 1993. When I got pregnant with him I was 170 pounds. So that first goal was to get 199 just to get below 200. Advocare came out with an exercise DVD to accompany the 24 Day Challenge (the full weight loss challenge program). The Advocare 24 Day Challenge started the first half of the year on sale. So I decided this was the chance to overcome my plateau and reach my next goal.

I am currently on day 4 of the 24 Day Challenge. It’s all going smoothly. Smooth as silk. You aren’t supposed to step on the scale till Day 11 for your first weigh in – which is hard because I’m used to stepping on every day – but I’ve done very well. However, I went to the doctor this morning. I noticed when I put my clothes on this morning that my pants fit much nicer. I knew that was a good sign. I decided I would look when she asked me step on the scale. Boy am I glad I did. Not only had I moved off the plateau of the last couple of months but I had also gone BELOW the 200 mark!! I hit 195. I kept saying “that’s a 1…that’s a 1…that’s a 1…” So I hit a goal! I made it below the 200. And that 195 puts me 3 pounds away from 40 pounds. I’ve never lost this much weight! NEVER!!!

My next goal is to drop below the weight I was when I got pregnant with Michael – 170. So my next goal is 169! Anything after that is gravy! I might even taste the gravy – with a biscuit!


This picture was 7 whole pounds ago but you get the idea!


What Is It About The Fall?

When I stop to think about what things I love about Fall I come up with all of the same things everyone always says like the cooler weather, the changing colors, the bonfires, the fall holidays. But you know, in trying to come up with something different to say, I was sitting here thinking about what specifically I am most looking forward to right now about THIS particular upcoming autumn and why. It isn’t really all that different but the reasons do come from a different place. Since I don’t really have any idea where my writing is gonna end up when my fingers start typing who knows what we’ll find at the end of this post. So, let’s explore the recesses of my brain and see what we end up with.

At the beginning of the summer I decided I was gonna lose weight. So I set out for the umpteenth time with the idea to start walking, changing the way I eat and by “whenever” there would be less of me to love. I’m easy going like that. I don’t really set specific goals with dates and numbers. I just kind of have a general idea of what I wanna do and meander my way in that general direction and when I get there I get there. It worked quite well for about 6 weeks. I had a good system going and was walking at least a mile a day five days a week. The middle of July we went to our annual denomination’s national convention where I got out of the habit of walking. Since then I’ve probably walked half a dozen times. My weight loss has continued but, understandably, at a much slower pace. My eating habits have stayed about the same. But I have started using the line “when the weather cools off I will start walking again”. Now the first half of the summer the heat wasn’t a factor. I always walk in the morning usually right before sunrise. So the heat of the day really isn’t a legitimate excuse for me. But somehow I have come to find it a convenient one the last half of the summer. So, this year I am looking forward to the cooler weather to see if I will actually use it to motivate me or if I will use it as some other time of pathetic excuse to keep me on the couch. Do you ever just get sick of your own excuses? Oh my word! I sure do!

The changing colors is another thing I dearly love about Fall. This year our kids are in college. And they happen to be in colleges in the hills of Eastern Tennessee. I look forward to going to visit themĀ  on their campuses for games to drive through the glorious coloring book of God’s country. We usually spend Thanksgiving over in that park of the state in a state park. But Thanksgiving is always a little too late in the year for the color change. I want to go over for a weekend in Cookeville and another weekend in Chattanooga in October at the height of the season. I could just stand in the middle of the woods at look out over the glory of God’s creation and marvel at his handiwork. What a creator! What an artist! What a mighty God we serve! He made himself known through the glory of his creation from the beginning of time!

They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. For ever since the world was create, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God. Romans 1:19,10 (NLT)

There Are Now 14 Less Pounds Of Me To Love

I thought I would drop in with a weight loss update. There are plenty other things to update on in our family. But most people have been asking about my weight loss. I’ll give a quick review about the fam at the end.

I’m still plugging along on the weight loss path. It’s been a fairly simple transition actually. I think that’s just because I was ready. And I have a good motivator. We have a church convention that we attend every summer. It’s a denominational convention. So, Free Will Baptists from all over the country come together for a week. Since Ron and I were both raised FWB and attended our FWB Bible College we have a lot of friends scattered all across the country. Plus Ron is one of our FWB national directors. So I always like to try to look my best – not because I want to be something I’m not – but it’s just a date on the calendar that sets a goal for me.

The last time I wrote an update I had lost 7 pounds. I have no doubled that. I should have taken my measurements but I never think of doing that. But I have lost 14 pounds. I’ve also been using a website/iPhone app to keep up with my walking each day. I walk over a mile a day. So far in the month of June I have walked 20.28 miles in 5.57 hours and burned a total of 1,570 calories. I try to walk at least 5 days a week. I am still following the same Advocare/Eating plan I wrote about here a couple of weeks ago. So, plugging right along. My plan is to add in some stomach crunches and more stretches this week to start toning up.

Now for a family update: Lauren has changed her college choice from Lipscomb to Lee University in Cleveland TN. This decision was necessary because we just couldn’t get the money to work out at Lipscomb. She and I went last week for a college visit at Lee and she fell in love with it as did I. I’m very excited for her. Michael is still heading to Tennessee Tech University as planned. He had a pre-registration type of program last week that he and Ron attended. So he is all registered and ready to go.

Michael is actually on a missions trip with the youth group in Ecuador this week. They’ve been working on some building projects for the missionaries, installing something or other (official term) for fresh water and directing VBS for the village children. He gets home next Monday. Then the next day he has to be at FWBBC for his 4th year of Truth & Peace. Poor kid is gonna be exhausted.

My dad’s cancer has returned. However his oncologist says it is treatable with chemotherapy and radiation. He will begin chemotherapy tomorrow – once a week for 3 1/2 months. Please pray for his healing along with us.

Well, I think that about covers it. We are hopping around here. Lots of changes ahead – all positive changes we are praying!

There Are 7 Less Pounds Of Me To Love

A few things have changed around here in the last 10 days or so. Actually it’s about 7 things have walked out the door. They are POUNDS!!!! I have decided I’m sick of eating useless calories and laying around like a beached animal waiting to be thrown back to sea. So last Sunday I decided it was time to make some changes. Here are the changes I made.

I uploaded and am using the Map My Walk application on my iPhone. I have created a walking path on the map and before I walk out the door to walk in the mornings I activate the app and walk out. It keeps track of my distance, my speed, my path and the number of calories I burn. So I have a running total of all of that right on my phone. Oh and she talks to me when I hit 1 mile and tells me how I’m doing. The first time she started talking to me I looked dumb because I stopped on the sidewalk and looked around to see who was talking to me. Hey – the app doesn’t make me smarter!

I also went to my Advocare cabinet to see what I had stocked up in there that could help me with my weight loss journey. I have put together 5 products that are kind of combination that I just happened to already have on hand and started using. Here is a brief run down of each of them including a direct link to the information page on my site.

Carb-Ease Plus – It helps to break down the absorption of carbs and fats that you eat. If you want to lose weight but just can’t say NO to some carbs (like me – I love pasta) then this is a good helper. You can eat a few carbs to satisfy your craving and this will help make it a little easier on your system and your weight loss efforts!

Catalyst – This product is a secret weapon to help you with your workouts. Each morning about 20 minutes before I go walking I take a dose of these. It helps you to maintain your muscle mass when you exercise. And it helps to keep your energy level up and repair/protect your muscles. As someone with Fibromyalgia I can tell you that anything that helps your muscles in any way, shape or form is a good thing. It helps you to retain muscle and reduce fat. Somehow this little product helps your body respond more favorably in your workout routine – even if it’s just walking.

Thermoplus – This is another little gift from God in your weight loss battle. This product helps your body convert fat to energy, speeds up metabolism and suppresses your appetite thanks to the oolong tea and sage extracts. All of our products have all natural ingredients.

Fibro-Trim – This product helps to bind up all those nasty fats and flush them out of your system. It gives you a feeling of fullness so it suppresses your appetite. And an added plus is it helps keep your cholesterol in a nice healthy range and it keeps your intestines nice an squeaky clean. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

In addition to those 4 products I am using the Advocare Muscle Gain Protein Shake. This product comes in one of those big tubs of powder or in individual packets. Obviously buying the tub is a better deal economically. I usually make myself one of these after returning from my walk. This way I’m sure that no matter what I eat the rest of the day I know I’m getting a healthy dose of protein to get me going right. It helps to restore your energy supply you just used in working out. And it has a healthy portion of Vitamins C & B6 and Calcium.

The rest of the day I try to eat low calorie foods with more veggies than I used to and leaner types of meats. Oh and PLENTY of water. Yes you will spend most of the first couple of days in the bathroom if you don’t currently drink much water. But about 3 years ago I made a big change in my life and cut out 99% of the soda from my life (I do occasionally order a Coke or Dr. Pepper if we go out to dinner. But I make sure I hold myself at one glass or less). Since I moved from a diet of mostly soda to all water I have truly seen my complexion clear up. I know everyone tells you that will happen but I didn’t really believe them until the last few months I really stopped to notice. My face has been much clearer in the last few years.

Honestly those are the things I am doing. In 7 days I’ve lost 7 pounds. I can’t believe it either, people. But it’s right there in those little digital numbers on the scale in my bathroom. I’m waiting on a new shipment from Dallas (Advocare) at the moment. I do know it’s possible to lose weight without the healthy herbs and minerals in the Advocare products (because I did it 3 years ago) but it’s really nice to have a little help in those bottles. If it helps me then it will help you too. I’m clearly the laziest person on the planet. But this process is helping me to get up and move. Well, all of these plus some Spark. And that’s a miracle all on it’s own.

Shrinking Jeans Challenge

Ok – I’ve been sitting around doing nothing for months upon months. I lost 35 pounds in 2009. In 2010 my dad was diagnosed with cancer and suddenly it was no longer about me and my health. It was all about my dad and his health. I let myself go and spent many hours on the road between here and Ohio and sitting in hospitals. I completely let myself go right back to where I was. I gained every pound right back again. I’ve been saying “when I lost 35 pounds in 2009….” for 2 years now. Last summer I did decide to once again start making healthier choices with my eating. Since June 2011 I have RELOST half of those 35 pounds. Yay me! But now I am stuck. I currently weight 5 pounds more than I did when I was 8 months pregnant with Michael (I say 8 months because that is when he was born). That is not acceptable.

I’ve ignored it. I’ve avoided mirrors. I have a large range of clothes in my closet. I am halfway between the fat clothes and the skinny clothes. I quite honestly disgust myself. I need motivation. My motivation in 2009 was a weight loss contest Ron was having at his office. They were doing a Biggest Loser contest. They weighed in each Tuesday. While I couldn’t legitimately participate I did so here at home. I kept up with his employees progress. At the end of the challenge I had come in second place out of all the employees. Each Tuesday I weighed in and I kept a chart on the kitchen wall with my progress. I wrote down my actual weight before/after and my +/- for that week. I kept that chart up there the entire time for God and everybody to see. It was humiliating at first – everyone knowing how much I weighed. But then it became something to be proud of to see those numbers going down down down. I think that was my motivator at the time.

I’m not competitive for myself – put me on the sidelines of one of my kids’s games and that story changes for them. But competition doesn’t really matter to me. But that time it all worked. I’m not sure what it will take this time to light a fire under me. But I want it lit! I want something to push me. I’m considering rejoining the activities over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. They have a lot of various challenges going. Maybe some of you are in the same position I am in. Their current challenge is

Spring In2 Action Challenge It actually started the end of March and runs through May 9th but I’m gonna jump in anyway. The check in for this challenge is Wednesdays. I’m gonna get started.

They also have a running challenge. At the time I had to stop exercising in December 2009 I had just started running. I had to have foot surgery and have a damaged tendon removed – which put me on crutches and out of action for quite a while. I would one day love to run a marathon. My best friend does that. I’d love to run one with her sometime.

Run The 'Hood 2012

So there you have it – the ugly truth of my laziness. I know I can’t possibly be alone. I REALLY want to make a change. My kids graduate in less than a month. I’d love to lose 5 pounds by graduation day. I want to challenge myself to do that. I’ve done it before – I can do it again! Who is with me? Who wants to shrink their jeans with me?


You Are Worth It

It’s time to think about New Year’s Resolutions. We all want to be healthier and lose weight. The best way to do that is a program focused on health and a lifestyle change. The company I have been working with this year has a program put together specifically for health and wellness in mind. It’s called the 24 Day Challenge. It is a bundle of 6 full size Advocare products designed to work together to detoxify and cleanse your system and then boost your metabolism and control your appetite to give you a jump start to weight control. The average person loses 10 pounds and 11 inches during those 24 days. Starting Sunday January 1st the 24 Day Challenge will be on sale. The bundled program is usually $183.65. However, January 1-17 the program will be $165. This is the time to order your challenge and start off the year on the right foot by concentrating on yourself and changing your lifestyle so you can be a healthier you for your family.

Between now and Sunday feel free to send me your questions at GlassOfEnergy (at) comcast (dot) net. Let’s work together to turn things around for you! You can do this! And I want to help! All the thinking is done for you. You just have to take the first step and make the investment in your health. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Success and Failure – Which Do I Choose Today?

I think this post is gonna be a mix of good news and bad news. Don’t worry – it’s not good news or bad news for you. It’s about me. Isn’t it always? I was thinking of trying to be funny today. But my mood is kind of dark and cloudy so I don’t know how funny my sense of humor would actually be. And sense I have no idea what I’m gonna write until the letters appear on the page…well, we’ll just have to see. I much prefer when I’m funny. Well, all of that has absolutely nothing to do with either the good news or the bad news. I won’t charge you extra for those few sentences!

Ok – let me give you some hints…I’m a middle age woman (I’m secure enough to admit that)…I live a sedentary life…I am addicted to junk food…I hate to exercise. Have you guessed it yet? Yes, this post is gonna be about my weight. I know that all of you have been wondering every single day if today will be the day I write about my weight. Well, congratulations!!! That day has arrived. But if you have NOT been wondering that then that tells me that you don’t read my blog regularly. We’ll have to address THAT matter at a later time. (Don’t you hate when someone says “we’ll talk about that later”?)

One day in May of 2009 I woke up and decided THAT was the day I was gonna start losing weight. Seriously, that’s how it happened. It’s never happened to me before. I was quite shocked actually. It did help that everyone in Ron’s office was beginning a weight loss challenge that day. I competed along with them. My progress just didn’t actually count with theirs. (Although I should say here that if my numbers HAD counted I would have come in SECOND place! SO THERE!!) I am not a competitive person by nature. To tell you the truth if it comes to me competing with someone else I’m happy to just go ahead and declare you the winner before we even start. (However if it’s my kids in a soccer game THEN you better watch out!) So I was a little surprised that I got into the competition so seriously with everyone at work.

I had allowed myself to get to the highest weight I had ever weighed. And I was extremely disappointed in myself. So I changed my eating habits and started exercising (walking and floor exercises at home). By December 9, 2009 I had lost 35 pounds. I could see a milestone number just ahead. I could have gotten there so simply. I was doing so good. I felt good about myself. I thought I looked good. My clothes had smaller numbers in them then I had seen since before I had Michael 15 years before. But somehow in those months of exercising I had damaged a tendon in my right foot which required surgery to be removed. Uhhhhhh, the tendon….not my foot.

Think with me here…I had been exercising every day. I had just started running. I had foot surgery. At the same time my dad was having serious medical problems which later turned out to be cancer. What do you think happened? I”m sure you can guess it. I couldn’t exercise. I was under the most stress I had ever been under in my entire life. What had always gotten me through tough times before? Food! There you have it. I tried my best to keep control over my food intake. But with all that stress that became too difficult. It took about as long to put back on as it had taken to take off.

As the numbers edged back up on the scale I became discouraged and pretty much gave up. I did try getting back in the exercise mode by working with a personal trainer at a local gym. But that proved to be too much for my Fibromyalgia. It wasn’t until this past June that I decided to start paying attention to the scale again. When the scale got right back to that number it was on the day I started in May 2009 I told myself NO WAY!! I have not recommitted to the point I was at in 2009. But slowly but surely the weight is coming back off. Since June I have lost 13 pounds. That milestone I could have reached out and touched two years ago is still pretty much out of reach but at least I am headed the right direction.

I’ve discovered that I no longer have a taste for all those foods I gave up before. That is a huge blessing. I am able to say no to sodas, extra helpings, most junk food. They just don’t taste good anymore. The thing I still need to do is get outside and walk. That’s really the missing piece of the puzzle. I had set myself a goal to lost 10 more pounds by the time we go to a conference mid September. I’m not quite gonna meet that goal but I”m gonna get really close to it.

So there you have it. The ugly truth about my failure and the good news about my successes. That’s been on my heart a lot lately. I wonder if putting it into words and putting it out there for all to read will do anything for my willpower. I hope so! I’m gonna zip over to Things I Can’t Say and link this up for Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday. I could use the support!