The cuteness of Chewey is the topic of my Phone Photo Friday entry today. That little man is so adventurous. I never knew cats actually WERE rambunctious and adventurous until we got this little guy. Biskit is fat and old and lazy…..wait is that ME or HER……either way Chewey is keeping us on our toes around here.

The weather has been positively amazing this week. I haven’t gotten out as much as I would have liked to enjoy it. But today I opened the windows and Chewey has been in every single one. I think he believes he’s in a different world in each window. I never said he was smart – just adventurous. So I opened the kitchen windows and before I could even finish opening them he was in them. He’s been in 87 different windows since these pictures were taken. Ok, 87 might be a bit of an exagerration considering our house is only 2000 square feet. But you get the idea.

Here he is in all his adorableness!

I tried to get his attention to pose but he refused to look at me. Cats are like that, you know!

I had to go outside to get a picture of his face. Little stinker!

He had his eye on something interesting!

So peaceful!

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3 thoughts on “Chew-Man-Chew

  1. I love that Chewey has been your topic for the last few Phone Photo Fridays! We don’t have a cat, but our neighbor has 7 and we get some interesting stores from her..LOL! Have a great weekend.

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