Friends With Cameras


This was the sky today at Nashville Shores! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Definitely gonna link this up to the SkyWatch Friday blog this week. I’ve been missing it lately. It’s time to get back on track! I have friends sending me sky pictures all the time now. Here is one I got last night.

Palm Beach Gardens FL

Our friends Robin and Steve live in Florida. They are in Palm Beach Gardens this weekend. Steve sent me this sunset picture because he and Robin know I love sky pictures. Steve is a man of many talents. Check him out at his blog, Faison Focus. We’ve all been friends for 25 years. He’s actually the one who introduced me to my sweet Ron. He sang at our wedding. He has been a friend all these years. You just don’t get better friends than he and his wife. Plus he takes good sunset pictures!

The Right Place At The Right Time

Tonight (Thursday night) while I was outside getting some pictures of the incoming storm (for Skywatch Friday) I came across a beautiful surprise that I wasn’t expecting. I held my camera up, snapped the camera and when the picture showed up on the screen this is what I saw:

What a surprise!

So, I took a couple of more deliberately of the rainbow now that I knew it was there.

The longer I stood there the deeper the colors got.

It was breathtaking

Then I sat down to enjoy the view for a bit and then this guy came to visit.

Stopping by for an evening snack...

Tonight was all about being in the right place at the right time.

Genesis 9:13 –  I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

You Know How I Love The Sky

Got a couple very nice pictures for Skywatch Friday this week. I really missed linking up with everyone last week – thanks to bloggers issues. This week’s pictures are on two different ends of the day.

Looks like a sunset but it is a sunrise! I took it from my front porch through my plants.

At the soccer field last night in the TN hills

Another shot of the TN hills at the soccer fields

Skywatch Friday – Flying The Friendly Skies

This picture was taken with my new HD Digital camera on the soccer field last Saturday by Michael. The zoom is obviously awesome too. If I look close enough I might can see who is on the plane too. Excellent picture against a gorgeous blue sky backdrop.

Southwest Flight Coming Into BNA (Nashville)

A perfect picture for Skywatch Friday this week. Stop over at Skyley’s blog for some more awesome sky shots from all over the world – literally!

The Lord is a Sun and Shield…Skywatch Friday

This sky shot is one of my favorites. It’s like God is shining through the clouds. It seems like the perfect picture for this week’s Skywatch Friday pic.

Psalm 84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.

The Sky Is Bipolar

Today’s Skywatch Friday pictures show how bipolar the Nashville weather is. And since I have Fibro you can probably figure out exactly how I was feeling at the time of each picture….

This was taken the beginning of the week - Pick a day!

We get a lot of days that look like this. Notice there IS light back there somewhere

My drive home from running errands yesterday...

At the soccer game last night

And we finish the week off with a beautiful bright ball called the sun

Our weather here in Middle Tennessee is as confused and psycho as I feel inside my head most days. I’m just grateful that we occasionally get days like the last 3 pictures.

Now I’m off to the Skywatch Friday host site to see some beautiful shots from around the world!

So Sad Because of S.A.D

Nashville has had too many gray sky days this month. It just kills my mental state. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and find the endless gray days of winter and spring especially difficult to get through. My depression is always lying right under the surface ready to pop through at any opportunity. The gray days of Middle Tennessee offer it plenty of opportunities. I long for the sunny days of May through September. My emotions are a roller coaster at best most days. But when the sky is gray I feel like I’m struggling just to SEE the surface of the earth above me from the hole I find myself in. Today is yet another gray gloomy day in Nashville. I don’t understand S.A.D but I certainly know how it feels.

When I’m wallowing in the pool of grayness I find that the pictures I have taken in the past of beautiful sunny days and the blue skies that go along with them do seem to lift my spirits to a degree. I love to share those pictures with others because I don’t know who else needs the reminder that there are still days like that. The darkness of the gray days kind of seep into your being – some grayness into each pore until eventually you can FEEL the grayness. What you SEE seems to be covered in gray? What you TOUCH seems to feel gray? Sometimes even what you TASTE doesn’t have the same flavor. Your mind is foggy with gray and it feels like you have to think through the gray.

So, as you can probably guess, today is yet another gray day in Nashville. I long for the sun. I long for the Vitamin D to chase all the gray away. Until then I will attempt to occupy my mind with something to break the S.A.D cycle. Some days that may take more energy than I have. But I must try. Will you try with me? A prayer perhaps? Share your experience so I feel less alone? I hear happy birds singing outside. It would appear that God is already trying to lift my spirit through the sweet singing of His most delicate of creation. Maybe I will go out and listen to the little one sing. Maybe a bit of his song will find it’s way into my heart too. Until there, I will share this beautiful sunset picture from our last cruise in November. It will help me (and hopefully you too) remember sunnier days of the past till the sun returns for another visit.

I think I will also hop over to the Skywatch Friday site and see if the sun is shining somewhere around the world even if it isn’t shining here in Nashville. Join me?